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How to extract sound from video: Best ways and programs


In certain situations in life, there is a desire to listen to your favorite music recorded as a music video to help you relax or lift your spirits. However, the lack of a monitor does not allow you to do this. For such cases it is suggested to extract music from video and use audio devices, available in the car, as a stand-alone compact player and possibly in other variants.

There are a sufficient number of other reasons to extract audio from video, e.g. to listen to a webinar or a video tutorial, to save music from youtube channel, etc.

There are a large number of ways to solve the problem using different services and applications. Depending on your requirements they have different functions:

  1. online-audio-converter
  2. Wondershare UniConverter
  3. Freemake Video Converter
  4. Movavi Converter
  5. AVI-Mux GUI
  6. Online Converter Peggo

All services and applications have settings you can use to obtain high quality audio with minimal file size and therefore time saving conversion.

There are online resources that can cut audio from video online. Additional software installation is not required here and it is possible to work under this scheme in any operating system. Restrictions on the size of the uploaded file, a long time to upload and download the file, lack of editing capabilities are the disadvantages of this method of audio file extraction. In this case the process will be faster and you will not have to pay attention to the size of the processed file. Some editing software has the ability to select the desired part of the video file and separate the audio from the video in it.

The above mentioned methods do not allow you to extract music from video without converting the file formats, which affects the sound quality. However, to extract sound from video as quickly as possible, you need to look for a program that works in the format of the file you want to extract it from.


To extract sound from video online you can use //

1. On the main page you can find the interface "Audio Converter".

2. You have to click on the button "Open Files". A window will open where you find the video /files on your computer.

Select the file to be converted and upload it.

Of importance: there is a file size limitation of 2046 MB.

3. In the converter interface select the format for the extracted audio. If you click the "Advanced" button you will get access to the quality options for the saved audio: bitrate, frequency and others. In the settings you can select both constant and variable bitrate. The sound can be different in the degree of saturation, for example, silence and musical accompaniment. A lower bitrate will be used for the quiet sound. Using variable bitrate allows you to obtain sound quality with a smaller file size.

4. Once you have applied all settings, press the "Convert" button.

5. When the conversion is finished, click on the "Download" button to save the resulting sound file to your computer. Alternatively, the resulting file can be easily uploaded to Google Drive cloud or Dropbox storage.

Wondershare UniConverter

Free media file converter. Among other things, knows how to download streaming videos, burn discs, transfer /files to your phone and much more. UniConverter is able to work in streaming mode, supports many formats of both video and audio.

How to work with the converter:

1. Download Wondershare UniConverter.

2. Switch to the Russian language using the Preferences > Language.

3. Convert in the tab "Convert".

4. The /files to be converted can be added by clicking on the "Add Files" button or by dragging the video into the program window.

5. Specify the format for the final file by clicking on the arrow near "Destination File".

6. Click on the "Convert" button. The audio file will be available in the folder indicated in the "Output File" field at the bottom of the program window.

Freemake Video Converter program and service

Freemake Video Converter is an online converter supporting half a thousand different formats and devices. It allows you to separate the audio from the video. This can be done in a few clicks.

1. Go to the main page.

2. Click on "Upload File", indicate the video clip and click on "Open" in the system dialogue box.

3. Click on "Format" and select MP3. There are quite a few formats. The most commonly used format is MP3 as it is the most common and supported by most devices.

4. Press the "Convert" button and wait until the conversion is completed.

5. Download the resulting audio file.

In addition to the online converter, Freemake Video Converter has a desktop version, you can download it for free here. It works according to the following algorithm.

1. There is a "Video" button in the interface of the program, once clicked, the video /files are accessed.

2. The required file is selected and the program processes and gives the parameters.

3. You select the format of the audio file (usually MP3). In the dialogue window the required bit rate is set and the location of the file is indicated.

4. In case of fragmentation of the file there is a button with the designation scissors in the interface. After having set the necessary track length with the sliders, the scissor button is used to cut off the unnecessary parts.

5. Then the button "Convert". After a while you can use the audio file from the predefined location.

Movavi Video Converter

Another similar program Movavi Video Converter (link) is fast and high quality audio. It has editing capabilities, there is a Russian version of the program.

- After downloading and installing the program interface will open, where after clicking the "Add File" → tab "Add Video" opens. Then you can select the video file to be converted or even multiple /files (the program allows such conversion).

- If you only want to work on a part of the file, you should edit it using the trash can button.

- In the tab "Audio" you define the format of the resulting audio file and the bit rate.

- After choosing the folder to save and clicking on "Start", after a very short time the converted audio file will appear at the requested location.

Tip. The quality of the converted sound is determined by choosing the bit rate or the amount of data in the audio stream that is transmitted per unit of time. The standard quality corresponds to a bitrate of 128 kbps (16 kb of data are used to encode one second of sound). This setting is used to convert video with speech content. If you are converting a music video the setting is "best", where the bitrate is 320 kbps.


For the programs extracting the audio track for processing let's look at the AVI-Mux GUI. There is no need to install the program. You only need to unzip the program file. It works with video /files with the extension .avi. Please do the following steps.

- Drag and drop the file in the upper window of the program.

- Select the file by clicking on it. Activate the "generate data source from /files".

- The software shall display all the data streams present in the video file after having scanned it. You must select the audio stream that begins with the word audio.

- Then right mouse click → in the popup window indicate "extract binary".

- Do not forget to specify where the audio file is stored.

Online converter Peggo

On mobile devices you can use the online service Peggo to generate the audio file in MP3 format from the youtube video.

A lot of fresh songs appear on youtube. Some of them are very convenient to have in order to listen offline.

- Copy the address of the youtube video you like.

- Open the Peggo online service main menu. Into this window the copied link is inserted.

- After downloading the video the service displays a window with the settings. Here you can shift the start and end arrows, set the size of the future track, rename the title of the video.

- The "Record MP3" starts the audio conversion, after the end of this process the audio file from the video can be seen in the "Downloads".

The audio playback would require the resources of Google Play Music, as Peggo has no music player.

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