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How to find information about a person in VKontakte from a photo: profile search via a service


VKontakte is visited by about 100 million users per month. The number of registered users is tens of millions. If you know a person's first and last name, it's easy to find the right person. If the input data is less, for example, the name and the profession, the search becomes complicated. But what if you only have a photo, one or more, and you urgently need to contact a person?

There used to be no services to find people through VK by photo. In fact, they still don't exist now - officially, but there are third-party apps and online services that allow you to find a person by photo. We will talk about them further. How to use them and how well they perform their tasks.

How to find a person by photo: Best ways

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    How to find a VK profile by photo: Tutorial (How to find a VK page by photo)

    We can mention search4faces as a less stable and reliable service. The site works on the basis of neural networks (at least, so it is claimed), contains an extensive database of photos, by which the search is carried out. This may be:

    • finding a user's VKontakte page
    • finding similar photos and pro/files
    • retrieving detailed information based on the uploaded image

    Besides the Kontakte, the databases of Instagram, Tick tock, Classmates are also involved.

    Let's take a brief, step by step look at how to use search4faces to find people by photo.

    1. Go to //
    2. Find the title "Vkontakte profile pics" and click on Go to.

    3. List under "Vkontakte profile pics" click on Download.

    4. Select the file you wish to search for

    5. Select additional search options as required

    6. Click the find button and wait until the process is completed.
    7. Look for the matches found.

    8. Clicking the Profile button will bring you to the page with the information about the user who owns the VKontakte profile.

    9. If you have not found the person you have searched for by the photo, try searching again with another photo.

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    Top apps to search VKontakte by photo

    Face search apps are numerous. But there is not a single one that is guaranteed to perform the task entrusted to it. We encourage you to test the different options and write in comments what helped you.

    Search Face

    The application has a diverse list of features. We will highlight the following:

    • Search for people with similar facial features
    • Find out who has visited your page through the trap
    • Calculate the most active visitors on the page

    The search by photo function works only in the pro version. Before buying it, we advise you to read the reviews of the users, they are not clear. The way the search engine works is to upload a photo and get the list of pro/files. Its accuracy is not so good, so I have to try a few times.

    Download Search Face


    Another softtool, as its creators assure, helps to find a clone, a lookalike, in your uploaded photos. It's possible to use both the photos taken in the Gallery and the ones taken by the phone right now.

    WARNING ! The app has few reviews, the photo search only works when you subscribe. Read all reviews carefully, especially the negative ones.

    Agent 307 for VK

    This is a multifunctional add-on for VKontakte, allows you to open some undocumented functions, unlike the official VK client.

    One of the features is the face search. In the search engine settings, you can set various parameters like range, age and gender.

    Most complaints from Agent users come from the technical side, e.g. frequent crashes. As far as the face detection by photo is concerned, the user is advised to test it by himself.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is there a VK photo searchable database?

    No, officially no such database. All the images are stored encrypted in There are third-party services, the same // , where you can search the internal database of the site, but it is unofficial - hence incomplete.

    There are also many private databases of photos on the darknet, but we strongly advise against using such services as it is illegal.

    Is there an official people photo search in VKontakte?

    No, but you can search for friends. By clicking on the Advanced search button, you can specify additional parameters: Region, School, Age and more. In the filtered results you will be able to find a person based on their photo. This will help you find the right person without downloading a photo.

    What information about a person can be accessed via VK?

    All data that the profile owner has provided of his own accord and has not hidden from the others by his privacy settings will be accessible to the public. However, the data displayed to the friends and to those who are not on their list may be different.

    You should also be aware that the photos, posts and other information found on the user wall may reveal more about the user than the profile data.

    Any search on VKontakte based on photos?

    As far as is concerned, there is no definite answer. Why? The site belongs to third parties and everything you upload to the service falls into the wrong hands. If you do not fear for the fact that your picture can be stored in the database - use at your own risk. Otherwise we advise you not to upload your picture via this site.

    In general, any search is hardly anonymous unless you use VPN or proxy.

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