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How to fix "Android process acore" error in the app


The Android OS, installed on billions of devices worldwide, is not immune to system failures. Gadget owners encounter errors that reduce performance and limit the functionality of various applications. If the "android.process.acore" message appears on the screen, do not panic: Simply follow the instructions to repair your smartphone.

    Causes of android.process.acore

    An error related to the incorrect operation of the software can be detected on devices from any manufacturer, whatever Android OS version is installed.

    Sources of android process acore:

    • accidental or intentional deletion of important /files and folders;
    • failure of system programs;
    • installation of similar software with similar functions, executable /files begin to conflict with each other;
    • intrusion of viruses.

    Messenger Hangouts, "Calendar", "Contacts" are the most common complaints, but the error "Android process acore" is typical for WI-Fi, "Camera", Google maps, "Navigator", other applications.

    How to fix the issue:

    • Update the Android version;
    • Reset or remove the application that does not work;
    • Modify the file others.xml;
    • clear the device from the malware;
    • Reset to the factory settings or reflash the phone.

    See in detail each method to solve the android process acore.

    Restoring the "Contacts" functionality

    When you manually clear the contacts data, the device will start working stable. In order not to lose the important phone numbers, it is highly recommended to set up the synchronization with your Google Contacts and make a backup.

    If you receive an error message "unfortunately the android process has stopped" when trying to edit or add new contacts:

    1. Go to Android Settings;

    2. Select the "Applications" section, subsection "All"

    3. If this subsection does not exist, go to the menu, the button at the top right (near the "Your applications" caption), and activate the "Show system applications" option;

    4. Click the "Contacts Store" (the section might be called "Contacts Store");

    5. If you have a Samsung phone, which is unlikely, navigate to the Store > Clear data.

    6. Use the option "Erase data"

    Along with the clearing of the contacts repository, it is advisable to uninstall the Facebook application if it is installed on the phone: often the cause of android process acore.

    If this method works,

    1. Restore your contacts and reinstall the Facebook application through Play Market but do not synchronize your contacts database with the social network.
    2. Uninstall the Contacts app if possible through the "Applications" section.

    Reactivate your Google Account

    Acore stands for Account Core. The easiest and least drastic way to resolve the error would be to remove the accounts and add them again.

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Go to Accounts and Archives (or simply Accounts) > Manage Accounts.

    3. Find your primary Google Account in the list, click the line.

    4. Click the Remove Account button.

    5. Add the same account again.

    This procedure is secure (the account remains yours and no data are lost). Here you do not need to clear the cache or do a hard reset. By chance, you may delete some contacts not synchronized with Google - so making a copy is not a bad idea.

    If this method does not work, please remove/add all contacts and calendar entries.

    Flashing Android

    Some users write in the forums that "in android.process.acore failed" appears in the old Android versions, namely before 5.1.1 (Lollipop 2.0).

    The "bug" is related directly to the permissions requested by the Android applications - when requesting contacts for a Google Account.

    The method described above - clearing the storage, and even clearing the contacts on the phone - does NOT fix the system failure. Permission requests don't stop because you don't have contacts. The process acore error occurs when the permission requests cumulatively take up more than 2MB in storage.

    So if you have Android 5.0.1 or earlier firmware you should definitely update it or install a new firmware from scratch.

    To update your Android

    How to fix the Error:

    1. find at the 4pda forum how to root your phone specifically your model,
    2. install the TWRP (To create Android clones, it is suggested to create a backup),
    3. flash the device using ADB, find the instructions for the specific phone brand.

    Совет . Flashing the handset is guaranteed to avoid many kinds of problems. You could do it yourself - but it is unsafe and risky for the functionality of your device. It's better to resort to the services of a service center or at least consult users on the forum 4pda.

    Troubleshooting "Calendar", Hangouts and WI-Fi

    To resolve the calendar and Hangouts Storage failure you should:

    1. Select "Settings", then "Applications";
    2. check the application status;
    3. change it: terminate the application running and vice versa;
    4. reboot the device.

    If the error concerns the Wi-Fi module:

    • determine the programs that access the Internet via Wi-Fi;
    • remove them one by one checking if the problem persists.

    Edit others.xml

    Sometimes the root access right experiments of the smartphone owner disturbs the gadget and some programs. With Android OS it is possible to expand the functionality of your device by editing a special file. It is located in the folder system/csc/.

    Step-by-step procedure for system debugging:

    1. find the file manager dedicated for superuser mode;
    2. copy others.xml to any location as a backup;
    3. open the original file;
    4. find the line that mentions the application not working. For example if Camera is Camera, if Calendar is Calendar;
    5. Set FALSE instead of TRUE;
    6. save the file;
    7. reboot the device. As a result the user may see the warning window "Android process acore has stopped unexpectedly".

      How to fix the problem:

      1. find an antivirus utility from a trusted developer at Play Market;
      2. Scan internal memory and SD card;
      3. Remove infected objects to Quarantine.

      If all these recommendations fail... Factory Reset

      In some cases the default recommendations are inappropriate. The only solution is to perform a full reset or reflash your smartphone. It is important to remember that any of these actions will erase all the user applications and other data.

      How to perform a Hard Reset:

      1. find the "Repair & Reset" option in the settings;
      2. launch the procedure.
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