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How to quickly delete all music in the social networking site VKontakte quickly


The social network "VKontakte" allows you not only to communicate with other people but also to listen to new music from the archive of audio recordings. VK contains a huge database of audio recordings, many of which cannot be found even on special resources specializing in music and video.

If there are too many /files in the music library, sometimes it is necessary to delete all audio recordings at once. And by the way, there is a convenient way to clean the "Music" section (no matter how many songs are saved at the moment).

The instruction will work for the browser version of VKontakte, as well as for the mobile application for Android or iOS. Valid as of 2022.

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    Delete one track at a time

    The VKontakte social network provides a built-in audio deletion mechanism, its main drawback is that you have to delete music manually. As a result this process may take a considerable amount of time if your library consists of hundreds of songs.

    To manually delete all VK songs you should:

    1. Log in with your username and password.
    2. See the link "Show all" in the sidebar.

    3. Hot on the audio track to be removed.
    4. In the context menu that appears click on the cross icon.

    5. The removed audio track changes its color and becomes paler.
    6. The above steps are repeated for all tracks to be removed from the Library.

    Hint . To permanently remove selected tracks you should simply reload the page in your browser.

    Hint : Deleting a VKontakte page

    How to recover a track

    If you accidentally delete an entry,

    1. Go to the Music section.

    2. Hot Cursor again to the faded song.

    3. Click the plus sign (option "Restore Audio").

    4. The music will be added to your Library anew.

    Remove all your Audio records in one go

    There is a method to remove all content from the "Music" section of your VK social network page in one go. It is implemented by means of scripts. You have to do the following steps:

    1. Open the "Music", scroll to the end of the song list
    2. Wait until the hidden songs have been unloaded. This is done due to the fact that the script works only for the songs currently visible in the open page.
    3. Key right-click anywhere in the open page in the browser
    4. From the context menu opened select "View Code" (in some browsers the "Inspect".)

    5. The page code viewer opens, go to "Console" where you enter the text of the script.
    6. Enter the copied text in the field, press "Enter" to confirm.
    7. The deletion of all VK music tracks stored in the "Music" section will be started.
    8. This process may take a rather long time especially in the case of a big music archive or a low internet speed.
    9. Following the completion of the script, refresh the page and check the result of deletion.
    10. If you still have music, please run the above mentioned script once again.

    The above mentioned algorithm of audio /files deletion in VKontakte social network is valid at the moment (end of the year 2021-2022). If for some reason it does not work - please leave a comment at the bottom of the article. Thank you in advance!

    When deleting music in bulk through the script, you will not be able to restore it.

    Are the scripts safe?

    You may also find some scripts online that allow you to enter track names to be left behind when the delete is complete.

    Use unverified scripts at your own risk. If you use code from a verified source, disable antivirus on your PC before starting the process otherwise it will block the action because of suspected third-party interference from malware.

    How to delete music in Android mobile app

    To delete all music from VKontakte mobile app (iOS or Android), you should:

    1. Authenticate to your page by opening the Android app.
    2. Go to Music -> My tracks -> Show all.

    3. Tap the three vertical dots on the right side of the track name.
    4. Select the item "Delete from my music".

    The mobile version for Android and the iPhone version only deletes all the audio tracks manually.

    How to clear the VK application cache

    Fragments of the music you are listening to (specially if you have an older version installed) are stored in the cache in the telephone memory. If there are a lot of tracks, they can take up quite a lot of memory space.

    To clear the audio /files cache you should:

    1. Go to the phone settings,
    2. Select the "Applications" section,

    3. Find the social network client - called VK,

    4. Go to the "Storage",
    5. Click the "Clear cache" button.

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