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How to restore a recently deleted Android app via Play Market


There are various out-of-the-box situations, but fortunately, recovering recently deleted apps, games on Android is not as difficult as /files. You do not need any additional programs, just follow a few simple steps in Play Market or Galaxy Store. Below we will tell you how to recover your apps:

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    Restoring apps via Play Market

    1. To restore your apps on your smartphone or tablet, the standard Play Store (Market) application is the right one. There is no need to download it as it is present in your Android OS.

    2. Find Play Market in the list of applications on your phone. You can do this through the search box on your device.

    Note . If you have not found Play Market on your phone, download the apk file from a third-party resource like 4pda forum.

    3. Once in Play Market, click on the icon with the avatar. This will open the main menu of the app.

    4. Go to the "Manage apps > Management" section.

    5. The "Installed" tab gathers all the applications you have ever installed, both deleted and currently present. If an application is already installed you will see "Installed" or "Refresh" next to it.

    6. Uninstalled applications can be found under the menu Applications > Not installed. You can switch to "Not installed" by clicking on the Installed button.

    (In the early versions of Play Market you can find the uninstalled applications by clicking on the "Free" or "Cost" button.)

    Note . If the deleted app or game is not found, make sure you are using the correct Google Account. Remember if you have any other Google accounts and, if necessary, log in to the required account.

    7. If you need to find an old app, it's easier to navigate by its installation date. At the top of the list are recently installed applications, at the bottom, respectively, the oldest. Or vice versa, depending on the way you have sorted the list.

    8. Find the desired applications in the list and install them one by one by ticking the checkbox and pressing the install button.

    6>Technique for Samsung (restore via Galaxy Store)

    Samsung Galaxy users have noticed that some native applications are installed not via Play Store but via the firmware Galaxy Store. This is a separate marketplace tied to the Samsung device, a provider of additional exclusive software.

    If you have lost a Samsung-specific app, it is possible to retrieve it specifically through the Galaxy Store. If you have logged in you may use this add-on to discover the missing applications.

    1. If you cannot find the Galaxy Store on your phone use the Android system search or go to Applications and locate there the menu item you are looking for.

    2. Open the store. Make sure you have logged in to your account (usually suggested when you first set up the system or already logged in to the Galaxy Store).
    3. Find the Menu (☰ icon) at the bottom right corner and use the My apps option by tapping on it.
    4. Look at the list of available applications, find the one you wish to restore on your mobile device.

    5. If the application is not found, go to the Applications section using the bottom bar, near the ☰ Menu.

    6. Download the necessary application or update by tapping on the download icon.

    "All Apps disappeared! What to do?"

    We receive different cases, sometimes users complain that all the custom applications installed manually in Android are suddenly lost. The reason for this is usually unknown.

    How to fix the problem:

    1. Set the phone to Safe Mode. The easiest way to do this is to hold down the Power button until the reboot window appears and select the Safe Mode by holding down Restart.
    2. After rebooting, check in Safe Mode if the applications appear. It might be a matter of installed add-ons, like a Launcher.
    3. If it is a Launcher, uninstall it completely.
    4. If the Launcher or an add-on is not detected keep searching for the application responsible (be guided by the date when the problem with the uninstalled applications occurred).
    5. Reboot the phone to leave the safe mode and go back to the normal operation.

    Main reasons for apps removal

    Applications on the phone are removed for several reasons. There are the following scenarios:

    • Buy a new phone: you have to restore all the settings from scratch, connect the user google account and reinstall all the applications.
    • Remove applications by factory reset: after factory reset you effectively receive the device in its initial state - without applications, with default settings
    • You have deleted applications a long time ago and you decide to restore them on Android, but you forgot the name.
    • The apps have been deleted by accident or without user intervention - you have to find and restore them.
    • You have deleted the game and you are interested in it again (would like to resume the playback from the moment you stopped it).
    • Viruses have deleted (corrupted) the Android app

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to recover the "Weather" app?

    It is the same as any other app. Go to Play Market > Manage your device & apps > Manage. Switch from "Installed" to "Not Installed", find the Weather app and install it. If it is a system app, find it under Settings > Applications and enable or roll back to the initial version.

    If you have Huawei, install the Huawei AppGallery application through the brand-name application.

    How to recover the deleted system applications on your Xiaomi phone?

    1. The standard way - through the Play Store.
    2. Doing a hard reset (factory reset).
    3. Installing the QuickShortcutMaker application and moving the application shortcuts to the Start screen (if the applications have not been removed, but hidden)

    Reinstalling all the applications manually through //

    How to recover the deleted applications?

    The deactivated applications unlike the deleted ones are still present on the phone, although they are not functional (are not in the RAM and processes). To enable an application you can:

    1. Go to Settings > Applications
    2. Select a specific item by name from the list by clicking on it
    3. Click the Enable button under all available options.

    This instruction works for the Samsung Galaxy but in the other models of Android devices the differences in the names of the items and sections are minimal.

    I inadvertently forced the applications to stop. Among them is Play Market. Can you advise how to restore everything now? I cannot download anything, the app store is not available.

    You may need to clear the app cache and run it again. You can do this through Settings > Applications, by selecting Play Store and going to "Memory". Click on "Clear Cache", then "Enable".

    If I delete my Google Account, will all previously installed applications disappear or remain?

    Whereas your Google Account is linked to your Play Market account, all applications will be available once you reconnect your account. But on condition that they were installed from the Play Market.

    I have inserted the SD card into the Samsung Galaxy S10 but the applications are not visible on the screen. What should I do?

    I have to check the memory card for errors (e.g. with the chkdsk utility), then make sure the sd-card is available in the removable device list in Device Management > Storage.

    I accidentally deleted the progress of the game Happy Color, but I have not logged into my account in the game. Is it possible to restore your progress?

    If you have not activated the web synchronization, you will not be able to restore your progress.<1

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