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How to restore VKontakte messages: the best ways


A step-by-step guide on how to recover deleted VKontakte messages. Proven methods that unlock closed conversations and chats.

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    Recovering VKontakte messages can be done using different "non-traditional" methods. There are programs available on the Internet; however, you should be careful with them as they often contain viruses. There are sites that describe methods of restoring VKontakte correspondence and are willing to serve for money. Again, it could be a phishing resource and its owners are scammers.

    The point is that recovering deleted vkontakte messages from a user's correspondence is just as impossible as recovering burned emails (unlike VK password recovery). This information is described in detail in the social network help.

    Method #1: standard recover message

    You can recover a deleted message in your correspondence history if you have not yet exited the correspondence dialog. You will see "Message Deleted" with an orange background. If you click the "Restore" button on the message, you can instantly get your replica or your conversation partner's message back in your VKontakte correspondence. However, if you delete the message and exit the correspondence dialog, you will, alas, not be able to get your VKontakte posts and messages back.

    Method number 2: ask the person you are chatting with to duplicate the chat

    Maybe the person you were chatting with has a copy of the correspondence. Ask him to send you the messages (the desired text fragment or several messages).

    We should bear in mind the limitations of VKontakte: you may only select 100 lines at a time, the correspondence may contain up to 500 items.

    Be polite and do not pressure the interlocutor if there is controversial information or something very sensitive. Do not threaten and behave correctly.

    Method #3: via search

    The second effective method of recovering messages from your Contact correspondence is quite simple. Your interlocutor's correspondence is often duplicated to email. However, this only happens when you are not in the Online status of the social network. Unfortunately, this way you can resume only separate messages of VK correspondence. Nevertheless, go to your mailbox and try to search for all e-mails that came to you from Kontakte and check if there is the necessary text from messages that you deleted accidentally or intentionally.

    Method #4. Request a data archive

    In some situations, manual copying is not a quick or possible option at all. Correspondence can reach several thousands of messages. For this purpose VKontakte has a tool for exporting messages. How to save the correspondence with it?

    Here are the instructions for your interlocutor:

    1. Go to your page
    2. Click the "Request Archive" button.

    3. Remove all options, leave only the "Messages" in the "Profile" section.

    4. Press the button "Send Request".

    5. When requested, enter the password for the account.
    6. In the Zip file there will be a folder with the data.
    7. Go to the messages directory and find the ID number of the removed Dialog.
    8. Send this folder to the interlocutor.

    Method № 5: via sms

    It is interesting to note that the correspondence may be duplicated in the sms messages that come from VKontakte as notifications. However in this case you will not be able to recover the text of your conversation partner because the message data only contains the information that someone has written to you in your VKontakte personal message.

    Method #6: Retrieve correspondence from VKontakte mobile app

    Part of your VK correspondence may still be stored in the cache of the client you are using on your phone. But only if you have deleted the correspondence on another device (e.g. computer).

    1. Download and install the SQLite Database Editor
    2. Unplug the phone from the Internet.
    3. Install the ROOT rights on the Android and grant the SQLite Database Editor access to the file system.
    4. Find and open vkim.sqlite file in the SQLite Database Editor.
    5. Hopen messages
    6. Click the magnifying glass icon.
    7. Please enter the number (ID) of the removed dialog.
    8. In the "Where to search" enter "dialog_id".
    9. The summary table will display the deleted messages.
    It is important! This method will not work if you do not have root access on your device.

    Method #7: using VKopt

    There is another way to recover your correspondence. It doesn't always work, but it's better to try it out - in case you succeed. For fast message recovery, you can try VKopt extension for Chrome browser. There are also versions for Opera and other browsers.

    Instructions for recovering:

    1. Open Google Chrome.
    2. Install VKopt.
    3. Install the VKopt extension, restart Chrome.
    4. Go to VK.
    5. Restore your deleted VK messages.
    6. If you navigate to the chat with an individual user, you will also find new options there.
    7. The message recovery feature is available in the bottom menu, under the list of all VK conversations.
    8. Click the Wheel icon and select "Search for Deleted Messages".
    9. The plugin will scan the contents of your account and display the messages found. If you might store very confidential information in your correspondence, you should not install VKopt, as there is no guarantee that it will not steal any data.

      Message Management Tips

      There are some simple tips to help you recover your VK messages in some cases.

      • Save important correspondence and individual messages to a file, back up your messages to a separate text file and store this information in a cloud service such as Dropbox. After that, it will not be difficult to retrieve lost messages.
      • Don't recklessly delete VK messages, it's not always beneficial. Even if you quarrel with a person and heartily click on the "cross", thus deleting all messages, think: what if the correspondence contains passwords and other information to access services, etc.

      Frequently asked questions

      Can you recover the mail by contacting VKontakte support?

      Clearly not. Due to security policy, VKontakte Support is not authorized to send you information deleted by you or by the recipient. On the other hand, this data can be passed on to law enforcement authorities if they request it for criminal prosecution.

      I accidentally deleted important messages. It was not possible to restore via backup. I also tried uninstalling the VKontakte app and then reinstalling it.

      Backup only helps if a copy of the conversations was stored in the archive. Most likely you deleted a part of your correspondence already after you performed this operation. That's why there are other ways, e.g. ask the interlocutor to send you a copy of the conversation in text format.

      I bought a new phone, logged out of VKontakte, now I can't log in. My other pages are open, but my personal page is not.

      Try to regain access to your VK account with this method. The password can be recovered by phone or email, through a special form on the social networking site.

      I had a message sent to me and it was deleted. Is it possible to recover this message in the application (VK MP3 MOD or the official VKontakte client)? How to do this, see the text of this manual.

      My VK account has been hacked and in the end all correspondence has been deleted. Can you suggest me how to recover at least part of the conversations? They will probably not be able to help you recover your conversations, but they will give you step by step instructions on how to protect yourself in the future and how to access your information.

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