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How to restore your Odnoklassniki page by phone number or email


Every Odnoklassniki user may sooner or later encounter a rather common problem and wonder how to recover their Odnoklassniki login and password. What should you do when you want to communicate with your friends, check your photos or check your My Farm and you've forgotten your Odnoklassniki password? Let's sort it out.

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    Causes of losing access to the page in UC

    There may be several reasons why you need to restore your password and login in Odnoklassniki:

    1. Hacking of the page. This variant is quite possible, it can't be excluded. There are a lot of scammers on the Internet nowadays and there is a probability that your personal data will try to be stolen.
    2. Forgotten password. Most often the problem with accessing your account occurs when you forget the password. Do not worry, there is nothing wrong, the problem is solved quite easily.
    3. Locked profile for breaking the rules. Sometimes logging into your Odnoklassniki page you see a page that says your profile was blocked for breaking the rules. In that case you can write a support letter and just wait for the reply.

    Restoring password by phone number

    A perhaps the easiest way to restore your page without password and login, using the number your Odnoklassniki page is registered to.

    1. Go to the official Odnoklassniki page. Be careful and make sure it's a real link and not a fraudulent one. A fraudulent one will differ by one unnoticeable character: a number or a letter.

    2. Under the bright orange "Sign in to Odnoklassniki" button you'll see the words "Can't log in? This is the button you will need.

    3. You will see the "Restore Access" window. Click on Phone.

    4. In the window that opens, you must write the phone number that is linked to the page. Then click "Get Code" located at the bottom.

    5. After the request, you will receive a SMS message on your phone (linked to your account at registration). If the code did not come, click "Request code again". Enter the received combination of digits into the special field and click on "Next". A tab will open, in which you will need to authenticate your account.

    7. Once confirmed, generate a password that you will be able to remember, enter it and confirm it.

    Restoring your password via email

    The method is very similar to the previous one but with some small differences. The procedure to restore access is as follows:

    1. Type "Odnoklassniki" in the browser and follow the link you need.

    2. Click on "Can't log in?". You can find it under "Login to Odnoklassniki" which you usually click on when you sign in to your account.

    3. Next, the Restore Access page will open.

    4. Select the "Mail" button to the right.

    5. After that you proceed to the next step where you have to enter the email address where your personal Odnoklassniki account is registered.

    6. Next you will receive an e-mail with a hyperlink.

    7. Follow it and enter the new account access code and then confirm the password you entered.

    Surname, first name, age, city

    In the past you could recover your Odnoklassniki login and password with this method, but unfortunately this method is not available anymore.

    Login or page link

    This is probably one of the longest methods by which you can recover your account. However, if you have lost access to the phone and mail your account was assigned to, this is the only method that works for you

    1. First, open the official Odnoklassniki website in your browser: //

    2. At the bottom of the field, click on "Can't log in"

    3. When the window to restore access appears, find the grey button with the question mark "Contact support" and click on it.

    4. A window will open on your screen with a form in which you can fill in the request to our support team. In the question category select "No access to phone or mail".

    5. In the profile information click on Profile ID.

    6. To find your Page ID you can choose between two options:

    • or ask your friends to log in to your profile and read your data.
    • find your account using Internet search engines. Then in the address bar just copy the numbers after profile/

    7. Copy the ID of your profile and insert it in the right window. Under the E-mail for feedback indicate your email to which you will receive the letter.

    8. The support service of Odnoklassniki will contact you later. You may be asked to confirm that the page belongs to you.

    Restoring a deleted page

    If you want to restore an old page that you deleted less than ninety days ago, follow the instructions:

    1. Logging into your Odnoklassniki account, type your login name and password in the corresponding fields.
    2. From there the site will ask you to restore the page.
    3. If more than 90 days passed from the deletion date it will be impossible to restore the page. At this stage the page is permanently deleted.
    The page will be permanently deleted.

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