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How to safely reset your Samsung Galaxy to factory settings (hard reset)


Step-by-step instructions on how to perform a hard reset on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets:

  • J3, J5, J6, J7, S8, A5, DUOS, Galaxy Tab.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, S22, FE, Ultra and regular editions
  • Samsung Galaxy A52, Z Flip 3

The Android version where you can do a hardware reset - from "7" to Android 11, 12 and 13.

Content :

    Data reset, or hard reset is the deletion of the recorded data from the phone. All messages, phone contact numbers, photos, music, audio, mail settings are deleted. It "rolls back" the tablet/phone to the factory (original) state.

    Hard reset is useful for problems that cannot be solved by other means, for example:

    • applications cannot be installed,
    • the device does not work properly,
    • Android errors after flashing.

    Hard reset is best done before selling or handing to another user. This way you are guaranteed to erase all your sensitive data.

    Backup before resetting is mandatory

    Before you do a factory reset of your Samsung Galaxy, make a backup of all your important data because it will be erased. Applications, photos and videos, music, all settings - system and installed programmes - will be deleted.

    How should I back up all important data? On a Samsung phone the Samsung Cloud service is indicated for this.

    1. Open the Settings

    2. Open the Accounts and Archives

    3. Go to the Data Backup

    4. Select the data to be archived

    5. Click the Backup Now button
    6. Wait for the backup process to complete.

    Your backup will be uploaded to the cloud and will be available when you enter the login and password required to authorize to the Samsung Cloud. It will be available after resetting the phone.

    Disable the Google Profile on the phone before the reset

    Make sure to delete the Google User Profile - otherwise the device will prompt for the username and password after the hard reset. If you (or the new owner) are unable to enter them, you will not be able to boot Android or log in.

    How to remove profile before HDD reset, please refer to the link:

    Removal of Google Profile

    In a pinch you may unlock your device from the Samsung Store Service, but you have to bring the documents to prove that you have purchased it.

    Step-by-step Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, S22

    There are several ways to perform a factory reset on your Samsung.

    Reset to factory settings through menu

    1. Open the Android menu, and select "Settings" - "General".

    2. You need the option "Archiving", "Reset" or "Privacy" - different names are used depending on the Android version.

    3. Under "Reset Data" press the "Reset" button to perform a Hard Reset.

    4. The tablet / phone will automatically reboot.

    That's it, reset is done, data deleted.

    This step-by-step guide will help owners of Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, S22. If you have different device, please see instructions above and below.

    Reset phone settings via hardware keys

    This "zeroing" procedure should help you if

    • The Android OS does not start,
    • the screen on your Samsung device is locked,
    • can not access the Samsung settings.

    So in order to reset your device without loading the Android OS,

    1. Power Burn on your mobile device by pressing the hardware button Power . This is usually located on the side or on the top.
    2. Press the Power , Home and Volume buttons simultaneously. If there is no Home button, it is sufficient to press the other two buttons. If the Bixby button is present, the same button must be pressed.

    3. Let go of the Power button as soon as Samsung Galaxy
    4. appears on the display.
    5. If there is no Recovery inscription, repeat the previous steps, keeping pressed for a longer time.
    6. Use the Volume Down button to navigate in the menu. Find Reset ( Factory Reset ).

    7. Press the Factory Reset item by pressing the Power button.
    8. Hold the volume down button to confirm the deletion ( Yes ).
    9. Press Power to reboot the device.

    After the above steps the data will be reset on Samsung.

    Reset Settings on Galaxy Tab, S and Galaxy Note

    If you have an older version of your Samsung device, the resetting process will be slightly different from the above described options.

    1. Disconnect the Android device completely by pressing the Power Button for 10 sec or more or by using the Power Off Softkey.

    2. Press Power, Volume Down, Home - simultaneously. An update message or another message appears but do not pay much attention to it.
    3. Wait for Android Recovery screen to appear
    4. Press the Volume Down button and select Wipe data/factory reset.

    5. Press the Power button to enter the section.
    6. Select Reset settings.

    7. On the warning screen, press Volume down and press Yes to confirm.
    8. Press the Power button again.
    9. After a few seconds the Android Recovery screen blinks and you should select Reboot System Now.

    10. Press the Power button to accept and reboot.

    11. After the reboot you will receive a reset version of Android, clean and trouble free.

    The following instructions are valid for Galaxy S , Tab and Galaxy Note older versions.

    Lock phone after Hard Reset: what to do

    Since Android 5.1 the anti-theft protection - Google FRP is applied on Samsung mobile devices. It works as follows: - When performing a data reset, without first deleting the Google account, the device is locked.

    Let's say you rolled the phone back to the factory settings, forgot to delete the account data - and when you turn on the phone asks for the login data that was entered before the reset. In this case you have two solutions:

    1. Enter the correct username / password to enter the account
    2. Service with the documents that prove that you purchased the handset.

    You will be denied the unlock if you do not have the card, receipt, agreement. So please be careful and follow the instructions carefully when performing a hard reset.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    I deleted my account - the phone was reset to factory settings. All the languages lost since then, including Russian and Ukrainian. How to bring them back?

    Go to the Settings > Language & Input (English, respectively). If you didn't find the Russian language, search for Samsung Galaxy A5 firmware on 4pda and update your device manually. Again, see forum thread on Galaxy A5.

    I reset my Samsung Galaxy j6 to factory settings, now I cannot update Android. It reset to 7.0. Very uncomfortable. How to get it back?

    Try to update via Samsung Smart Switch software. You will not be able to download directly from the Samsung website, however on 4pda you can find the firmware /files and update the device manually.

    I reset the settings on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. After the reset restored my Google Account, but I have lost access to the Google Authenticator application.

    How to restore the Google Authenticator, read the article:


    If the instructions do not help, please contact Google Support: Help > Contact Google.

    After the official over the air update, the Android 8 started to run very low on your phone - especially after reboot.

    Leaving the old Android version is unsafe and senseless - phone will be vulnerable to most of the actual viruses.

    1. Look at the information in the article, where listed the reasons for the fast battery drain.
    2. Look at the Android settings to see which processes are consuming the battery power: probably a virus or a poorly optimized application.

    Changed phone. On the former phone I reset and switched to the new phone. When I accessed my cloud at my there are no photos and videos.


    1. Check the contents of my Trash in the cloud.
    2. Later go to the synchronization settings and check if it is enabled.
    3. It is also possible that the photos are stored in the PC, try to copy them to the cloud.
    4. If the pictures have been stored on the USB stick, you can try to recover them with the program Photorec .

    If I reset the USB stick to factory settings, will it be readable later if it is formatted to my phone only?

    Yes it will. If the USB-Stick is encrypted, it can only be decrypted on your device. If it is the file system of the sd card, you can select it in the settings of the application such as SD Formatter or in the standard formatter.

    Question - Answer

      Reset data on samsung j3 2017 The sd card was encrypted. Can i recover the data to decrypt the sd card?

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      Hello computer geniuses !!! Save me . Model of my phone Samsung C8 is very much need to restore photos and videos of everything I did with this phone , I recently turned off my phone went into the android program and pressed the reset button , reset the phone to factory settings , then again restore the account and all programs that I needed.

      Maybe how to return these photos and videos that were deleted from the phone ? By the way i had the photos that are important to me in a protected folder , the program itself is installed but the photos and videos have been deleted . But I remind you that all of these images once were taken by the same phone. I hope for your understanding and look forward to your ANSWER.

      I reset the phone samsung. But when i turn on the phone, i connected to the wifi on another samsung phone, i connected, but the internet does not work. No connection comes out. I tried to connect to another phone. The same thing. What to do, please advise?

      I did a reset on my sister's phone. Samsung gelaxy j5 and here is the problem, she can not log in to the account. Does not remember the data simply. Che I just did not do ... The phone is a brick or, you can still do something? Thank you in advance.

      Made hard reset, tablet turned on and when configuring wai fi appears error-Settings app stopped. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3Thank you very much)

      Hello, after factory reset my android phone (Samsung Duos) all the progress in all play market application are lost, how can i return it?

      My restore and reset the game was deleted, i downloaded again from play market but the game starts again. How can i get the game back to the level it was?

      After the reset i have to give permissions now but it says "Go to apps and then to settings". But at the end there is no app I want to give permissions to.

      After hard reset it does restore apps but I don't need it. How to get rid of the restore. Phone got hacked, trying to get rid of viruses. No buttons to skip the restore.

      Touchwiz window popped up on my Samsung Galaxy J5 phone. Phone numbers were in the phone memory. Reset to factory settings, contacts left old ones that were on backup before 2017 and new ones erased! Is it possible to restore them?

      I reset everything to factory settings, backups were all disabled. Is it possible to restore sms correspondence on samsung a6. Hope the answer is no)

      After resetting to factory settings in Galaxy J3 recovery something went wrong. Hangs on logo, after removing battery again goes into recovery, but when reset and confirm with ON button, goes into FASTBOOT AS. Android Galaxy J3.

      All day! In the warranty service I was reset to factory settings, did not know that I need to know google login passwords, can I somehow reset the old google settings, in a word can I get the BQ-4072 back in working order?

      Help, after transferring photos from old phone to new one via NFC, I reset old phone, but photos and videos disappeared from new phone

      Help, Samsung Galaxy DUOS phone glitched, had to reset to factory settings, any chance to restore my /files now? I tried with Recuva on computer, but this program does not see my phone, is there any way to try with a mobile app, but that it does not affect the warranty of the phone

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