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How to translate a pdf document into Russian in Google Translate Online


Google Translate is a multifunctional translator available online directly from your web browser, capable of translating from one language to another not only single words and phrases but also whole documents including pdf documents.

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    How to translate a pdf document using Google Translate

    I will use Google Chrome browser and Google Translate as an example to translate a document from English into Russian. To translate you need:

    1. Download and save the original document to your computer in the pdf format.

    2. Go to the official Google Translate website.
    3. In the upper left corner of the resource select the " Documents " tab.

    4. Click the button " Select on Computer " and indicate the path to the document you wish to translate.

    5. Select the source language of the text and the language you wish to translate into using the language bar. If you do not know what language your document is in, select " Define language ".
    6. When you are finished, click on " Translate ".

    The translated document will open automatically in a new window. You may copy the text manually or save the document again in PDF format for your future use.

    To save a web page as pdf in the Google Chrome browser, please:

    1. In the page with the translated text, open the browser side menu by clicking the three dots icon in the top right corner.
    2. Select " Print " from the menu that appears.
    3. In the window that opens select " Print " and click on " Save as PDF ".

    In addition the user can select the page layout (portrait or landscape) and the number of pages to be saved.

    Benefits Disadvantages
    • No login required
    • The translation process takes seconds (the exact time depends on the size of the document to be translated).
    • very advanced translation algorithm
    • may lose formatting

    Alternative ways to translate pdf from English to Russian

    There are several alternative ways to translate PDF documents from one language to another available on the web.

    Onlinedoctranslator (based on Google Translate)

    Online translation of documents in different formats: DOC (Word documents), PPT (presentations), SRT (subtitles) and others. The online translation of PDF /files from English and other languages is supported including PDF.

    Online Russian translation requires:

    1. Go to the official web site at //
    2. Follow the page to the block " Supported formats "
    3. Click the button " Get translation now ".

    4. Browse to the desired document on your computer or add it to the site by dragging it from Explorer to your browser.

    5. Go to the page below and select the start (Source) and end language to which the document should be translated.
    6. Click the " Translate " button.

    7. Wait until the pdf document is translated. You can follow the progress on a percentage scale.

    8. Download the file through your browser by clicking on the link.

    9. Download the result by opening the downloaded document.

    Benefits Disadvantages
    • No PC software download required;
    • No registration required;
    • Saves the translated document in PDF format without additional manipulations.
    • Even a small document takes a significant amount of time to translate;
    • The translator is based on Google Translate with all the attendant implications.


    PROMT - translator for PC (also available online without installing the software on your PC). To translate PDF documents from English into Russian you will need to download and install the "PROMT Translator" or "Batch File Translator" application on your PC.

    To translate pdf into Russian you need:

    1. Download and launch the program on your PC.
    2. Select the "Translation" section in the application.
    3. Select the document format you wish to translate from the list displayed.
    4. Set the options for the document to be translated and complete the process.

    If you do not wish to use the above translation methods for one reason or another, simply copy and paste the source text to any online translator. The disadvantage is that you will have to translate the text in chunks, there are fixed text size limitations in these services.

    Benefits Disadvantages
    • Finally professional pdf translation from English to Russian
    • Big choice of document formats you translate.
    • A software installation is required on your computer;
    • The application is distributed on a paid basis.

    PDFMaster or ABBYY FineReader

    An alternative way to translate pdf into Russian is to initially convert the PDF document into DOC (DOCX) format and then translate it. The disadvantage of this method is the additional services required for the conversion (for example PDFMaster or ABBYY FineReader).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the Google Translator mobile app work with pdf /files on Android?

    Unfortunately not. To translate from English into Russian through the Android App you must enter the text or use voice/photo translation. The PDF file can only be downloaded using the browser-based version of Google.

    Can I translate the English manual or the pdf-book into Russian?

    Yes, the methods are described in this manual. Please note that this way can severely degrade the layout of the document, the result will need to be fixed manually using an editor and the correct version will need to be re-saved.

    Is there a free Windows document translator?

    There are no good solutions, there will be limitations. Use Promt or Lingvo in demo mode or use the Google Translate online service.

    Is there an extension for Google Chrome that translates your document?

    Yes, you may find it in the Extension Store, it is "Multilingual PDF/HTML/TXT Translator"

    You may choose a service to translate, language direction. It works like this: Select the text in PDF, choose "Translate" through the context menu.

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