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How to update your Explay navigation device yourself


In the stone jungle, it's easy to get lost. Explay car navigator, which contains information about all the roads in the world, will help to avoid this. Among the advantages of the device are the responsiveness of the touch screen, the brightness of the display and a relatively low price. To ensure that the content remains relevant, from time to time it is necessary to update the navigator maps. To do this you first need to update the software - download and add special /files to the media - and then activate it.

What is needed to update the software

Many people mistakenly think that it is impossible to update the software themselves, that only professionals can do this. They would rather pay for it than understand a simple procedure, in general not demanding any special skills.

So what kind of equipment do you need to have on hand to update the Explay navigator?

First of all, the navigator itself.

Second, the connection cable.

and third, the computer and a stable internet connection.

Manual firmware update

To update the firmware manually, you should download the firmware from the official web site of the manufacturer and add it to the device. The following is required from the user:

  1. Authorize at // If the user does not have an account yet, the registration procedure: fill in the form, making sure that the data indicated in the columns "mail" and "mail confirmation" coincide. Then an email will come with a link to activate the form. By clicking on the link the user confirms their intention and that the data indicated belong to them.

  2. Following this the user will receive a login and password. In the personal area go to "My Devices/Upgrades".

  3. Add your device using the special link.

  4. In the menu select "Update"-"Available Updates" and save the /files on your pc.

  5. Save them on the device using the USB key.

For the record you may update the maps using the Navigator Update Center. We will not describe it, just refer to the corresponding manual.

Auto update

For the automatic update to take place the following simple steps are required:

  1. Go to "Tech-Support".

  2. Click on "Download".

  3. Select "Navitel maps" and download the appropriate file. If you require the activation key, to avoid the trouble of buying it, you may choose one trick: to use an old version, selecting the region you are interested in, see " -".

  4. After the message "Updates available" appears, press the "Update" button.

  5. After the software is installed, disconnect the device through "Safely remove".

Upgrading the Explay navigation map

The current traffic information is the necessary condition for the successful use of your Explay car navigator. To ensure that the device always provides you with the correct information, you should periodically update the maps.

How to update the maps on your Explay navigation device is described below.

Map transfer

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Connect the USB cable between the PC and the device.

  2. Go to NavitelContent\Maps\

  3. Unpack the archive with the updated maps /files.

  4. Place it in the NavitelContent\Maps\

  5. Enable NavitelNavigator and check the results.

Map update from the program menu

For the Explay navigator update procedure, fast Internet is recommended. The best option is a wi-fi connection. The sequence of user actions is the following:

  1. In the Navitel Navigator menu select "My Navitel"-"Updates".

  2. Click the "Update All" button.

  3. A window appears in which detailed maps description is displayed.

  4. Tap "Update" and confirm the map download.

Firmware Upgrade

Sometimes the device stopped working or it is disturbed, the firmware (Firmware) should be changed.

First of all you should:

  1. Firmly charge the navigator. If the device switches off during flashing, you will have to start all over again.

  2. Determine the model you have (it should be written in the user's manual of the navigator).

  3. Save the firmware you have on another media, to be able to modify it if necessary.

  4. Download the Explay Navigator drivers and install them.

  5. Register the device on the Navitel website. In order to do this you will need to create an account, indicated the model name and enter the license key ("Settings"-"Device information"). Then the firmware can be downloaded from your account.

So the following steps are necessary:

  1. Format the USB memory device.

  2. Unpack the contents including the Firmware.

  3. Support the navigator with the USB cable to the computer. The drivers will be loaded automatically.

  4. Run the installation by double clicking on the exe file.

  5. Run the installation wizard.

It should be noted that firmware update is an extreme measure to be carried out only if other methods do not work.<1

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