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Instagram doesn't update the feed: how to fix the error


If Instagram feed doesn't load, there could be many reasons: slow internet, phone errors, Instagram website failure. In this guide, we will show you how to solve the problem situation in simple ways. The guide will be useful for owners of Android and iOS devices.

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    Internet Problems

    There must be a good stable internet connection for your Instagram feed to load smoothly.

    The connection itself might be available but if the quality of the Wi-Fi interface or of the channel used to connect to the "World Wide Web" is poor, the page loading will be interrupted.

    Also the Instagram feed does not load if any file is downloaded to the phone. It could be a torrent or downloading an update, a game.

    How to fix:

    1. Try reloading the page you are reading this article on.
    2. If the page refreshes for more than 10-12 seconds then the problem is definitely a slow Internet connection.
    3. Switch to a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection with a stable speed if possible.

    If you have verified that the Internet is working fine, but still the Instagram feed is not updating, we suggest going to the next steps in the instructions.

    Temporary failure on the Instagram service

    If the server does not update the feed and does not respond for some reason, all you have to do is wait. You can verify this by logging in to your account from another device.

    Possible reasons for the service being temporarily unavailable:

    • Unplanned maintenance;
    • Server reboot etc.
    • Global Failure

    If a technical error occurs on the Instagram service and the feed is not updated, a screensaver will be loaded after logging out and re-accessing the account.

    Check the Instagram server status at this link.

    Update the Instagram app

    Sometimes you can fix Instagram's performance by updating the app. If the feed is not displaying correctly, try this method.

    This technical error is only possible when the automatic update feature is disabled. To verify it you need:

    1. Open the Play Store app
    2. Go to Settings > Network preferences
    3. Click the line Auto-update apps
    4. Select Over Wi-Fi only
    5. Go to Manage apps & device
    6. Open the tab Updates available
    7. Check Instagram checkbox
    8. Click the update button on top
    9. Check if the Instagram feed opens.

    Load Instagram updates for free on Play Market, if you have authorization there.

    If that was the problem, it's best to leave the "Automatically update Instagram" option enabled. You can also set the notification settings to your liking.

    Blocking in Instagram

    The Instagram administration can block a user or company's account without warning, a message informs you of this when you try to open the profile. Instagram ban is possible for gross violations of:

    • User Agreement;
    • Community guidelines.

    If you believe that no such violations have occurred, it is possible to appeal the blocking. You may be understood and forgiven.

    Your Instagram account has been deleted

    The worst case scenario is if the account was deleted by you. If you did it yourself or someone who knows your page's contact details, it will be difficult to recover Instagram.

    An alternative solution is to create a new account with your details. In this case, you will have to create new posts and build your Instagram feed from scratch.

    Clearing phone memory

    If your Instagram feed does not load or opens slowly, your smartphone or tablet's memory may be full. If the memory is full, the browser, Instagram application does not work, social networks Facebook, IG, etc. cannot be updated.

    The presence of red sector in the capacity display indicates the possible problems due to a lack of memory on the device.

    To check the memory status and optimization you should:

    1. Go to Settings > Battery and device care.
    2. Go to Storage > Internal storage.
    3. Return to Device care and click on Optimize now.
    4. After auto cleaning check the Instagram.

    From Play Market you can download a free disk monitoring and cleaning application such as CCleaner.

    Download CCleaner

    You can also manually delete videos, photos or transfer large /files to another drive. More often than not, the problem can be solved without using a third party app.

    Invalid time setting

    If the date on your phone is incorrect or the time differs from the real time by several hours, the Instagram app will not respond. There may also be various technical issues with the use of the app. Fixing the feed will not be difficult, just correct the time, synchronize your watch with the internet.

    Instrument for Android (Samsung Galaxy)

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to General management > Date and time
    3. In the Date and time section, activate the Automatic date and time and Set time zone based on location

    After applying the settings, the Instagram feed should load correctly.

    Advanced OS

    Instagram is only supported by the latest features, the newer OS at the time. Older versions of Android, iOS or other operating systems may not be compatible with the Instagram application.

    The operating system may be updated in the phone settings.

    How to update your Android:

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Go to the Software update section.
    3. Click the Download and install button.
    4. Wait for the download and installation of the updates.
    5. After the updates are installed, the status Your software is up to date.
    6. Reboot your phone and update your Instagram application.

    Solution 2.

    If your mobile device has a relatively old OS version, you can resolve the situation also using third-party applications. This can be done by installing:

    • Market Helper Android application;
    • GLTools.

    Other problems and their solutions

    There might be other problems related to Instagram malfunctions, feed and posts displaying. To fix them it's suggested to reboot your smartphone or tablet, check your phone and internet operability.

    If you fail to identify and fix the problem, you can call your friend or acquaintance and write the message "can't update your Instagram feed", try to solve this problem together. But, most likely, the suggested methods will allow you to fix the failure on your own without having to go to a paid service or contact Instagram support.

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