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Making phone calls from your computer: the best programs and services


In a situation when the balance of your mobile phone is zero (or even negative), and you only have a computer with Internet access, to make urgent calls it is logical to call the phone for free from your PC or laptop. It is possible: e.g. by Skype, the service "Zadarma" or by other means.

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    The dialing function may be used

    • when the phone battery is completely empty,
    • when you need to call a family living thousands of miles away,
    • when you need to make a business call to a company based in another region.

    The tariffs for long distance calls are now impressive but the calls through the Internet are cheap, in some cases even free (for 1-2 min. calls or in test subscription mode).

    Ways to make free calls online

    There are only two ways how to call a cell phone from a computer without spending a penny (not a cent) - one can:

    1. call from the online dial-up service website;
    2. take advantage of a special program (messenger) by connecting a test mode or by recharging a few bucks.

    Hereby it is necessary to keep in mind that the free calls from the computer will not be possible to make all the time (from the smartphone maybe if the messenger program is installed and configured).

    Calls to another number or to yourself you will need:

    • microphone and speakers - your laptop has them, you do not need to configure anything,
    • test free monthly subscription (optional for Skype)
    • dialer software installed
    • having an online=service account: you cannot do it without registration.

    If you have an urgent need to make a free call (e.g. to call yourself and find your phone) you should use the first method, the online dialer. In case of client-programs for telephony it is necessary to spend time for downloading, subscription and setting up.

    Call to mobile via online service Zadarma - requires registration, symbolic payment, there is a function for sending SMS-messages to mobile subscriber. The pleasant bonus is that it is possible to make call for free, for this it is required to confirm the phone number.

    How to phone from computer:

    If you plan to contact the subscriber online, you have to follow the instructions:

    1. Go to the Zadarma service site,
    2. Go to authorization or registration, if necessary;

    3. Confirm your account through e-mail.

    4. Confirm your phone number via SMS (to receive to your account 0.5 $ as bonus)

    5. Dial the number of desired subscriber from the virtual keyboard (international format - +7 for Russia); you may use the local format of country chosen.
    6. Go to Services -> Call from site.
    7. Connect the call by entering the number and pressing the handset icon.

    8. Replenish your balance if you plan to make calls from the computer continuously.

    This way you may call yourself without spending a single cent.

    Similar services for making calls to your phone from your computer

    You may use one of the online services to make calls from your computer to your phone.

    1. - gives the possibility to talk to the subscribers from other countries, except the ones from Russia),
    2. - gives 1 minute of free talk time per day),
    3. - gives 5 minutes per day for free calls

    Note . For the sake of clarity it should be mentioned that, as stated above, services and messengers are constantly improving: rates change, some services are deactivated, limitations are applied, etc. Therefore the information in this article is only up-to-date as of the date of its publication.

    How to call yourself on Skype

    If you have lost your phone in the apartment. You cannot ask for someone to call you because it is night time or you are in another city, country, etc.. What to do in this case? The first came to mind way - to call via Skype or other messenger. Even if you have less than a dollar on your balance, you can easily call yourself without much manipulation.

    Skype supports desktop (Windows, Linux and Mac) and mobile (iOS and Android). A web version is also available, it runs through any modern browser.

    So how do you get in touch with your device quickly by calling online?

    1. Download the latest version of Skype from the official website.
    2. Launch the program
    3. Register an account or log in to an existing one.
    4. Fill your balance for example for 1$.

    5. Subscribe to a test period (free for a month).

    6. Open the dial pad (menu item "Calls" > "Calls to phones").
    7. Dial from the keyboard, select the country and code.
    8. Hit the voice call button, wait for connection.

    How to get free calls from Skype to your mobile

    Free calls from Skype can only be made from one messenger to another. However there is a test period: For one month calling to mobiles and landlines is free. If you like it, you can subscribe for a month or a year.

    access to the free minutes to the mobile phone you have to:

    1. Go to the page //
    2. select tariff - monthly subscription type

    3. set your payment data for the next month
    4. after expiration of the test free period, the monthly fee according to developer tariffs is to be paid.

    Calls to landline

    Skype allows you to communicate with landline and mobile numbers. In practice the possibility to call to the landline is not requested, but sometimes it is needed. It is not necessary to indicate a mobile phone number.

    Tip . By recharging your Skype account for a few dollars you will have a redundant way to communicate with subscribers from different countries. Before traveling abroad, don't be lazy to do this to call your relatives - in case you don't have roaming and a local sim card.

    Best messengers for calling your mobile

    When you prefer programs, the choice is wider, and if you want to call your mobile over the internet, it is quite realistic from various messengers. The most commonly used calling programs are: "Viber", "Skype", "WhatsApp" and "Mail.Ru Agent".

    Communication between users of the programs is free, in real time. Messengers also enable the exchange of /files, text messages and the formation of chats (interest groups).

    It is encouraging that programs allowing users to make free calls via the Internet are continuously being improved, offering an ever higher level of convenience to customers. In order to use the messenger functions it is necessary to follow the instructions:

    1. Download the program from the official site of the developer (for messenger "Vatsapp" it is ";
    2. Run the messenger on your PC;
    3. Specify your mobile number (you should know it by heart, do learn it - you will not obtain the number from the operator if your smartphone is dead);
    4. Enter the number of desired subscriber in the search window of the program;
    5. Call the number by calling the corresponding button;
    6. Do not forget to press the reset button after the call so that the person you have called does not become an unwilling eavesdropper.

    Free Viber calls

    This method of dialing will work as long as the Viber application is installed on the telephone of the addressee (the one you are calling) and the subscriber is connected to the Internet.

    To place a free call to a mobile phone using Viber you will need:

    1. Download Viber from the link, choosing the type of OS installed on your computer,
    2. Install the messenger, launch it,
    3. Register, set up a Viber account by "tying" it to the phone number,
    4. Select the subscriber's number from your contacts (or enter it in Viber search form),
    5. Tap the call button (voice or video call).

    The second way of calling is the paid one, Viber Out. It will be useful, for example, if you need to call from your computer or phone to a mobile or landline number. Viber Out subscription costs from $8.99/month. For this money you get unlimited calls to 50 countries.

    Payment is flexible and can be activated from the website.

    About : What is Viber and how to use messenger


    If you have heard about this messenger as popular as WhatsApp and would like to use its functions, you should download it from the official website (, choose the operating system type - Windows or Mac, activate it and provide the voice and video calls to all mobile operators numbers. One of the advantages of WhatsApp is the encryption of traffic (unequalled protection of privacy), and it is free to use the tools of the online version of the application (//, which is already the first option of communication (online communication from the site).

    "Mail.Ru Agent"

    Somebody may be interested in the "Mail.Ru Agent" program, which saw the light back in 2003. With Mail.Ru Agent you have the ability to perform voice and video communication with users over the network. You can use both the program and the online version, for users of accounts at Mail.Ru and My World there are separate advantages.

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