Privacy Policy

We understand your trust in us and are aware of our responsibilities in keeping your data secure and confidential. As part of this responsibility, we tell you what information we collect when we use our products and services, the reason we collect and how we use pine. This news to improve your experience.

We provide our services at 111 for you to follow the following terms of service and privacy policy. Occasionally, we may update this privacy policy. You can see the latest version of the privacy policy at any time here. The fact that you continue to use the Service after any change will be a new adoption of the privacy policy.

1. Collect and use information:


The account registration 111 will collect personal information:

A, the information you provide to us

Including information you provide when you register and set up new accounts, download software, post to online platforms such as forums or community, respond to surveys or participate in a contest.

B, information about the use of products and services


When you use certain products and services, data such as hardware model, cartilage part and operating system version, unique hardware identification code and location/IP -streaming information may be sent to us. In other cases, depending on current law and your consent, if necessary, we may collect data based on your activity, including installation and configuration, data used, and incidents or data errors.

We will use your personal information for the following general purposes:

We will use your personal data and information for the following purposes:

- to manage businesses and to deliver, improve and personalize our products and services.

- To respond to your questions and opinions.

- To send contact information including account information, security updates and service information.

- We can analyze this data, including your personal information, to give you a seamless, consistent and personalized experience. We will always do this in accordance with current law and your consent if necessary.

We will always do this in accordance with current law and your consent.

When you use the Service you can customize your personal information, we store and collect this information to provide you with services and personal features.

2>Storage of personal information:


111 will store your personal information in terms

A, you use our products or services

b, your account is active.

C, if necessary, to provide you services

- We are required to do so by law.

- To comply with our agreement

-Personal data is no longer needed, storage will be deleted in periods from time to time.

3- Cookie


Cookie is a small text file which can identify a single access name from your computer to our server when you visit certain pages of our website and will be saved to your hard drive by your Internet browser. Your Identity. We use cookies to identify IP addresses, to save you time. We use cookies to make it easier for you to navigate the Internet (e.g., remember your access name when you want to use the Service without having to re-assign your email address), and does not require any information about you. Your browser may be set up to not use cookies, but this will restrict your rights to use the Internet.

111 allows other organisations to display advertisements or provide services on some of our websites and access their cookies on your device. Other organizations must use cookies to follow their own privacy policies and not this policy. Advertisers or other organizations do not have access to our cookies.

4. Disclosure of personal information

Ah, we do not sell your personal information.

We may share personal information with your consent or complete a transaction or provide any product or service you have requested or been authorized. For example, we may share content with third parties when you ask us to do so, such as when you send data to friends or links through another service. We may share personal information with your consent or to complete a transaction or provide any product or service you have been asked or authorized to do. For example, we may share content with third parties when you ask us to do so, such as when you send data to friends or links through another service.

You agree that the following agencies/organisations/individuals have the right to access and collect your personal information where appropriate, including:

- Web site management;

- Third party integrated service with the 111 website;

- The competent government agency is in the case of a request, as prescribed in the rules of the operation;

A, the information you provide to the third party

111 is not responsible for the information you provide to third parties, and that information is not in the category of this Policy. You are subject to all privacy, security and other risks with the provision of information, including personal information, to third parties. To better understand the third party security measures, you should refer to their privacy policies, if any.

5. Personal information security:


When you submit your personal information to 111, you agree to the terms we mentioned above, we strive to keep your personal information secure by all means possible. We will use many different information security technologies such as PCI, SSL International Standards, etc. etc., to protect this information from being found, used, or disclosed inadvertently.

We will not use this information in any way.

But due to technical limitations, the data cannot be transmitted on the internet, but can be 100% confidential. Consequently, we cannot be certain that your information provided to us will be absolutely safe and we cannot be held liable in the event of access. Unlawfully your personal information, such as instances that you arbitrarily share information with others.... If you do not agree to the terms as described above, we recommend that you do not send information to us.

We also recommend that users obtain the information related to your access password and should not share it with anyone else.

If you use a computer with many people, you should log out or leave all open Windows.

6. Link website

We display ads selected in personal information, we do not provide any personal information to advertisers when you interact with or view ads. However, when you interact with or view an advertisement, you approve that the advertiser assumes you meet the target criteria used to display the advertisement. We may also advertise to you instead of one or more third parties, but in the event that we will not share your email address or personal information other than those third parties. At the same time, we will notify or contact you.

In the case that the service is linked to other web sites, other web sites do not operate under this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to check the privacy statements posted on other web sites to understand the collection, use and disclosure procedures for their personal information.

7. Policy Changes:


We may update and change this policy content. If there are important changes to this policy or how we will use your personal information, we will post the changes before implementation.

We will not make any changes with a lower level of protection with personal information collected from you before without your consent.

We encourage you to review this policy periodically to see how we are protecting your information.

8. Contact us

We would like any comments, questions, questions from you. Any ideas, questions regarding advice, bugs and technology solutions for operating systems, platforms and mobile phones we will try to answer as soon as possible.

You have any ideas or questions, let us know by leaving a comment below the articles!