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Review apps to check sd card read/write speed


Since the low speed of writing/reading to the SD card, the operation of the device, in which it is used, can be seriously slowed down. We got used to the fact that the gadget can "slow down" only because of software problems and we forget about the influence of hardware on the responsiveness of the interface. This is an unforgivable mistake, which you can correct, and at the same time check the real possibilities of the sd-card, with the help of the tester-programs for different platforms:

  1. A1 SD Bench
  2. SD Card Test Pro
  3. Disk Speed/Performance Test
  4. CrystalDiskMark
  5. SD Card Speed
  6. Flash Memory Toolkit
  7. H2testw
  8. Performance Test
  9. Video review version

Android applications for measuring sd read/write speedcards

A1 SD Bench

The most functional among the free applications for checking i/o speed in Android devices. The interface is designed in the classic style of a benchmark for touch screen devices: the main features are located in the main screen, additional features in the side menu.

The application offers 4 speed test modes: Fast (Quick), Standard (Long), Accurate, Random I/O. Each result can be shared anonymously with other users. It claims to support Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, UHS-I, UHS-II, and UHS-III memory cards. The sd card test is done in Benchmark section.

Download A1 SD Bench

SD Card Test Pro

Paid solution for professional i/o speed card testing of all popular memory formats, including internal storage of mobile devices. For only 2$ the application provides:

  • speed measurements in fast and standard modes,
  • the sd card test for which there are several types of configurable tests,
  • detailed graphs based on given parameters.

Download SD Card Test

Disk Speed/Performance Test

Another interesting benchmark which is able to record read and write speeds on different types of flash memory.

Disk Speed

The Disk Speed test is available for free:

  • Customizable and standardized tests for memory card speed,
  • Logging,
  • Card Error Check,
  • Statistics testing,
  • Disk ROM and RAM analysis,
  • Analyzing an individual storage area along a manually preset folder path.

Download Disk Speed

Desktop applications to measure sd-card read/write speed


A computer program capable of measuring the speed of your memory card under various conditions: while watching video, downloading information, running applications, etc. The screen looks very simple: the only part on the main screen is the test button, with the possibility to select the memory stick, the results show a table with numbers in Megabytes per second and other information about the test.

It is an excellent solution for a simple "user" sd card speed test, but to get more serious data for analysis you will need a more serious utility.

Download CrystalDiskMark

SD Card Speed

A software for measuring the speed of memory cards and usb flash drives.

The calculation of SD Card Speed is done in a simple way: it records a large file to the Flash, adds the data to the file and calculates, in passing, the time required to provide each byte of information.

The result is provided in the form of a simple table. The measuring statistics for one or more cards is possible, but not very convenient.

Download SD Card Speed

Flash Memory Toolkit

An advanced tool to manage the Flash cards.

Besides the speed test the software provides the data erasing and the recovery of the previously deleted data. The buttons for switching between screens are located in the left menu, the two bottom menu buttons are used directly for the tests: Low-level benchmark and File benchmark - speed analyzer for processing and writing /files respectively.

Download Flash Memory Toolkit


Complete tool for the sd card speed test from the German developers. After start only one button is available in the test window, the selection of the storage medium to be tested.

In the results (log) only the actual memory capacity and the real read/write speed, nothing redundant. A great option to check the new flash drives from AliExpress for the reality of their performance as declared.

Download H2testw

Performance Test - evaluate your PC

When buying a new sd-card (an event of rare importance) everybody wants to win. The buyer is anxious that the amount of money invested justifies the trust, the seller is in any case interested in a profitable sale. It is, therefore, very useful to measure the performance of an sd-card, rather than simply trusting the seller's recommendations ("every man has his own backyard"). This way you know if the computer corresponds to its price.

Unlike its counterparts, the program has a very small size of 5 MB, so you can write it to a memory stick. It is not some PCMark or SiSoft Sandra that you have to install on the computer. The task is the same: to "run" the computer through basic performance tests. The list of tested hardware includes:

- CPU: compression, encryption, MMX/SSE, 3DNow! ;

- RAM: performance evaluation and access speed estimation;

-video card: 2D/3D performance;

-sd-cards: read, write and search /files on the disk.

The pros of PT are the "computer-like" data accuracy. The developers assure that their program gets results accurate to within one millionth of a second. However, it is unlikely that similar programs lag far behind Performance Test. The results can be saved in a text or graphical file. Later on one can compare the results with computers of another performance. The registered version of the program offers more advanced tests on all parameters and consequently a more developed statistical system.

The program is easy to configure, the graphics are intuitive. No complicated charts - everything is "told" by the numbers. So go shopping with this program, and then a decent sd-card will definitely find its buyer. For a reasonable price, of course.


Which program to choose to check the sd card speed

Check the speed of your memory card in each of the listed programs is not difficult without instructions. The results, as an independent test shows, are all about the same. It should not be forgotten that many things can influence the final figures of the measurements: from the fullness of the sd to the amount of RAM in the testing device.

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