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Saving files instead of internal memory to an SD card


The operating system occupies a significant part of the smartphone's internal memory. Not much time passes since the purchase of the phone, the memory fills up, and the issue of removing extraneous /files begins to worry. Even after installing the sd card in the phone, the problem is not always solved - users do not know how to change the place of saving /files. This is the problem we are now going to fix.

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    How to enable the sd card on the Android

    Despite the obviousness, not all users know how to connect the memory card to the phone. Let's look at how to do it.

    1. If the flash card is not already installed in the phone slot, do it.
    2. After doing so, the device will display the message "SD card is ready. Change the default recording memory?".
    3. Press " Yes ", the changes will take effect.
    4. If there is no message, carry out the changes under " Memory "
    5. Alternatively you should sweep the screen curtain at the top of the screen down and tap on the displayed message.

      Attached How to move the Android applications to the sd-card

      Video instruction! (if you have no time to read)

      Automatic saving of /files on the memory card

      For you to place the /files you download from the Internet directly on the memory card, you have to enter the phone settings and modify the location. The instruction should work whatever Android OS version is installed.

      1. Go to " Settings " and select the section " Memory ";
      2. In the top of this window, look for the option " Save data by default ";
      3. Check the box " SD Card ".
      4. The download location will be changed.

      The path to the save settings may vary. In other operating system versions there will be a subitem "Memory Settings" (or similar) and in it "Default Saving Location". Tap on it and select "SD Card".

      If this method does not work, use the alternate methods described below. Please remember that none of these options would work if you have not installed the SD Card and you are trying to modify its settings.

      Change Storage Folder in Browser

      The browser is used to access the Internet and most /files are downloaded to the phone using it. To download data to the Memory Card, you can configure the Browser to ask for a save location before downloading. Let us use the example of changing the save path to Google Chrome.

      1. Launch the browser Chrome ;
      2. In the menu (3 vertical dots) navigate to " Settings ";
      3. Scroll down the page, select " Downloaded Files ".
      4. From the entry " Save where /files " move the slider to the right.
      5. Other way to access this section you should select the menu " Delivered /files " and from there go to " Settings " and move the slider.

      If you have a Samsung phone (with Android 9 or higher)

      It is very easy for owners of a Samsung smartphone to change the file saving location. The settings are changed through the default browser installed on the phone (usually Chrome). Actions:

      1. Go to the phone menu and find the classic browser (named " Internet ");
      2. Click the 3 vertical buttons in the top right corner and go to the menu;
      3. Click " Settings " > Websites and Downloads ;
      4. Select " File Storage Location ";
      5. Select " Memory Card ".
      6. From now on all the downloads will be placed automatically to the sd card.

      If you have a Samsung Galaxy but the method does not work, it is because:

      • you are not using the default browser,
      • the phone does not have an sd card,
      • you are not an original Samsung phone but a fake one.

      to transfer the /files to the sd card

      to free up space, move the data from the internal memory to the USB stick. To do this

      1. Go to the " Files "
      2. find a sub-folder of interest (photos, videos, documents etc.).
      3. Press and hold your finger for a second until the file is highlighted.
      4. Select all photos/videos/audio you wish to transfer one by one or tap " Select All " if there is such an item.
      5. Press " Move ".
      6. In the new window select the " Memory Card " and afterwards the specific folder.
      7. Wait until the data transfer is finished.
      8. Similarly repeat the procedure for the rest of the data.

      Merge memory card with internal

      There is an excellent way to make the local memory of your android phone extended by the memory card. In other words, it will be merged and the necessity to constantly change the storage location disappears.

      Method 1

      1. Go to " Settings " and select the section " Memory ";
      2. In the section " Memory ", check the option " SD Card ". Please make sure that the new location is secure before changing the save location".
      3. Check the card for viruses if you are not sure, then press " OK ".
      4. If the card is not particularly roomy, an additional message appears: "The installed card has low memory capacity. Switching is not recommended. Should I switch?". Do so or replace the card with a higher capacity one.
      5. After this another message appears "...Switching may cause data loss, the phone will reboot, for the changes to take effect...". Press " Continue "
      6. Wait for the phone to restart.

      When the Smartphone is switched on, the internal memory is increased to the "size" of the SD-card and the /files would be stored on this card. In the same way - with rebooting the phone, everything goes back.

      Simply try the following:
      1. Go to " Settings " > " Micro SD " (if available);
      2. Click the button " Micro SD ". Enter the menu (3 vertical dots);
      3. Click again " Micro SD ";
      4. Check the " Pair to internal memory ".
      5. On the next page you clear and format the memory card.
      6. Wait for the process to complete
      7. Transfer the required data to the Micro SD, if necessary. All the /files downloaded after this will be placed there.

      Swap the internal memory with the sd card

      After the below steps the phone will read the SD card as Android internal memory. All the /files (including Application) will be installed on it. Procedure:

      1. Install Total Commander and give it root access once started;
      2. Go to the File System Root;
      3. Open the folder " ETC " and locate the folder " vold.fstab ". Click on it and press " Edit ".
      4. Find the lines " dev_mount "... and change the characters sdcard and extsd at the end to lower up and back.
      5. Save the changes, reboot the smartphone.

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