Why New Freelance Writers Should Start A Blog In 2019

Written by Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of a business or personal blog when it comes to boosting your freelance writing career.


Have you been struggling with your freelance writing business?

Then maybe it’s time you stop looking for marketing strategies and try the one thing that works every time: starting a blog.

There’s a lot of hype around making money from a blog, but that’s not the only reason why you should start one.

As a new freelance writer, blogging can be the best marketing strategy you can do — and the most effective one. Here’s why —

Become a better writer

The problem with not having a blog is that you write only when there’s a client. When you have no writing job, then you pretty much forget about writing.

In fact, writers get sidetracked by so many insignificant things when they’re not writing.

But this wouldn’t be a problem if you have a blog. Having a blog pushes you to publish content on a regular basis. This constant practice and application of your writing skills is great for your development as a writer. Your writing will improve, and your future clients will be happier with your work.

Become an authority

How do people trust anyone online? They Google him. They need to know that there is somewhere online that confirms this person is who he says he is.

Having a blog about a certain topic is a sure way to earn your audience’s trust. If they see how much you’ve written and how much you know about a certain topic, they’ll believe that you are an expert. They don’t need to see a diploma or a license — your blog will be enough.

Build a following

If you do it right, your blog can reach people who will become your most loyal fans. Whether you build a following of a hundred or a thousand, it’s a powerful way to influence people.

You can inspire fans into taking action, offer coaching, sell online courses, and even collaborate with your followers to create something bigger than your blog.

Help others

Blogging used to be a form of reflection — a digital journal that is open for everyone on the web. Today, it’s more than that. A blog is where people can go to if they want to learn about something or find a solution to a problem.

This is what you need to remember when starting a blog. It’s nice to write about anything that comes to your mind, but it’s even better to write with the intention to help or inform people.

Blogging is the perfect way to share your knowledge with the world, winning your readers’ trust as well as impressing a potential client.

This blog was born in my desire to help fellow freelance writers who are just starting out.

Do you feel like you can help people with what you know? Then that’s a good reason for starting a blog.

Discover your niche

If you’ve been struggling to find a niche, blogging might help you discover it. It might take months or even years, but as long as you publish and keep searching for that topic that makes people pay attention, it will all be worth it.

You can do research and use expensive tools, but if you don’t know how (or can’t afford it), then blogging is the practical and free solution. Write about different topics under the same category and see which ones do well.

Once you have enough historical data or blog posts that get most traffic, then it’s a great way to narrow down your niche.

Earn passive income

Sell an e-book or an online course, offer affiliate products, put up ad space — you decide. There are lots of ways to monetize a blog.

Passive income can be a life-saver especially when you don’t have much freelance writing work. Besides, maintaining a blog can be expensive. It’s only fair that you try to offset the cost with a significant amount of income from the blog itself.

If you do really well, a passive income can even surpass your freelance writing income. Now, wouldn’t that be great?

Explore other non-writing opportunities

A blog will let the world know about what you’re into. This means there might be other businesses and groups out there who may want to hire you for something other than writing. Maybe they want a consultant, a guest speaker, or a business partner.

You might find these opportunities without a blog, but it might happen faster with one.

Learn content marketing

When you publish a blog post, you don’t just stop there and hope people will read it. No one will read your stuff if they don’t know it exists. You have to let people know about your blog. This is where marketing comes in.

A few ways you can promote your blog would be:

  • Social media
  • Guest posting
  • Building an email list
  • Writing an ebook
  • Public speaking
  • Video blogging/podcasting

The list goes on, and this is why owning and managing a blog can be both challenging and exciting. You get to expand your skills beyond writing — something that will set you apart from other freelance writers.

The most important reason for starting a blog

The reasons I’ve mentioned are equally important, but if there’s a single best reason I started a blog, it’s this:

It can be a way for you to transition from freelance writer to online entrepreneur.

With a profitable blog, you don’t have to rely on clients to get paid. You can build a reliable stream of income that will make your finances more stable. If you do it really well, you might even quit freelancing and decide to work on your blog full time.

Whatever reason you have for starting a blog and whether you fail or succeed, you’re still coming out a better person, a better writer, and a better business person in the end.

As someone who has been blogging for two years, I can confidently say that it’s done most of the marketing work for me. I don’t “hunt” for clients these days. They find me through my blog.

Now it’s your turn. Share your knowledge with the world and get the recognition you need as the go-to writer in your niche.