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Tubemate - software for downloading videos from the Internet and music from YouTube


We've already detailed how to download video from YouTube on Android. Today we're talking about remarkable program TubeMate that supports many video services and, besides video clips, movies, you can also download audio from YouTube. TubeMate is available in Russian language and is free of charge.

We offer you not only an overview but also a practical guide. This guide illustrates simple methods how to use TubeMate:

  • download YouTube videos you want to record on your Android phone
  • free download music from YouTube for listening to mp3 /files
  • How to use TubeMate to extract music (audio track) from your videos

How to download and install TubeMate

Devian Studio develops TubeMate application. The latest version Tubemate to date - 2.2.6 - is available from official website. The best way to download TubeMate application via our site, because many sites offer infected version of apk-file, and you will not find this application on Google Play. And of course you always can download TubeMate from 4pda or Trashbox where actual installer versions are being carefully published.

Download TubeMate

Install TubeMate as five kopecks: launch apk file on your mobile device, agree with access rights and launch TubeMate from list of other Android applications.

We should note that TubeMate is available for mobile and desktop platforms: Android, Windows and Mac OS X.

Interface of TubeMate

Before you see TubeMate interface.

Instrument tips are available

TubeMate is basically a kind of browser to browse video on Youtube, Facebook, Google etc.. It's very convenient: you can go to a video website, actually watch a fragment of the video you want to download via built-in player of the application.

Application main window, watching YouTube videos

In context menu TubeMate offers you a full featured browser menu (Share, Clear cache, Navigate backward / forward, Download list, etc.). There is a player and a playlist in this application, you can go to settings.

Context menu of TubeMate application

You can access TubeMate settings, select language of Youtube interface, country of residence, and other regional settings that affect the usability of YouTube service.

TubeMate settings

TubeMate supports multiple download sites. Among them

  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Google
  • MetaCafe
  • many others

To access any of these services you should open the side menu and select from the list the website you wish to access. You will then have access to the mobile version in your browser from where you can download videos to your phone for free.

List of download services from where you can download online video

How to download online video from Youtube: Quick guide to TubeMate

The process to download your video is in fact very easy. For your convenience you can authorize in Youtube via Google. Why log in to the service? That way it will be convenient to view the video through your user account in the future. Alternatively you can activate the anonymous watching mode via your mobile app settings.

Logging in to your YouTube user account

Selecting the video saving format

The most important thing is to click on the green arrow to download the desired video file. In the menu you have a list of formats in which you can save the desired video for local viewing on your mobile device or PC.

Save video formats available on TubeMate

  • 1920x1080(Full-HD) for GalaxyTab, Galaxy S2, PC
  • 1280x720(HD): high-end devices
  • 640x360: all devices
  • 320x240: low-end (low power) devices
  • 640x360, 854x480(FLV) : Android 2.1 and lower

Select the desired format to save the video file

Set an audio converter to extract music from video later

In fact, this program to download video from the internet allows you to do the action in a single click. But in order for the video file to be saved in the correct format with an audio track, you need to install a special add-on called Mp3 VideoConverter. Before directly downloading the clip, take care to install the applications to convert the audio format to mp3. TubeMate will direct you to Google Play itself, from where you can install Mp3 VideoConverter on Android. This same application will also be useful if you just need to download the audio track of a certain track to your Android audio player.

Install mp3 converter via Google Play Market on your phone

Convert and download the clip to your phone

So, audio converter (Mp3 VideoConverter) is installed. Then click on green download arrow in TubeMate to start downloading from Youtube or other sites. In your Android notification panel (status bar) you can monitor conversion process and video file download. By the way, both processes are running in parallel, that's one of the advantages of TubeMate.

Waiting for the end of the process to download and convert video on your phone

As a result of these actions, a window appears in TubeMate application, through which you can play the video or extract audio from it.

You can play the downloaded video in Tubemate player or extract audio track from it

When saving Youtube video on Android you can indicate the file name, artist and album if it is an audio track. This is very useful to store and account audio from Youtube.

Tubemate your file name, artist and album

How to download music from Youtube in TubeMate

The last point is you can select video in Tubemate and then extract audio track from it saving your file to sd card. Sometimes we need to download the audio from YouTube, it can be a single song or the audio track from a video that we want to extract. That is exactly what we need the audio converter for, which was installed in the previous steps.

Convert video to music

That will be all. Tubemate has proved to be an excellent program to extract music from videos and directly save videos from various online services. Despite the fact that we have considered only the most popular online service YouTube, you have a great chance to download your favorite videos from other sites.

Besides Tubemate, another way to download videos from youtube using VideoSaver service.

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