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Where to download movies in English in the original language (with subtitles)


Building up your vocabulary while learning English is easy with your favorite English movies watched in their original language without translations. This way of learning English has several advantages:

  • Form associative links between words and their meaning;
  • Easy knowledge of the context in which a word may be used in everyday life;
  • Easy recognition of the correct pronunciation even of difficult words.

Learning English is also possible with dubbed movies where the original English track is slightly muted. However, the original version remains out of competition.

If you still find it difficult to watch and understand content entirely in English, you may watch the dubbed version first before you start watching the original.

The only remaining challenge is to find your favorite English movie in the original language for free. The difficulty lies in the fact that abroad it is not customary to put such content for free. But especially for our readers we have found several sites where you can download movies in original source for free and safely.

Where to watch movies in English :


    Disadvantages Disadvantages
    - convenient categorization

    - specialization in educational films

    - subtitle downloads are available separately

    - machine translation

    - low quality content

    The site puts films in the original English The collection available for viewing is quite extensive and is constantly updated with new films.

    The site offers its users not only classic cinematography but also serials, children movies and cartoons in English. To facilitate the process, all available videos are sorted by categories.

    To download videos from the site you need:

    1. To start the desired recording (watch the movie adverts before, it is a condition of the free service);
    2. Key right click the field in the chosen player and select "Save video...". (video...;
    3. The window will open and you should select the proper folder.

    You can also download subtitles in Russian for the chosen movie in the .srt format. For the file to play the subtitles automatically with the original voiceover, the downloaded file has to be placed in the same folder with the downloaded videos.

    Go to the website


    Benefits Disadvantages
    - besides the online playback there is an offline download available - access to the content you pay, not explicitly announced

    -access to all the films in their original language that are available to view on the site at the moment.

    In order to download the subtitled film you wish to see to your computer:

    1. Select the film you wish to see from the list provided and click on it;
    2. On the page at the top click on the yellow button "Download subtitled film".

    The download starts automatically.

    Watch the film subtitled in the original language on the site. The playback will start after a short trailer. There is a cost to download the movie. If you want to save money, read the review.

    Go to the site


    Disadvantages Disadvantages
    - huge choice of movies - insecure content, it is possible to infect the device with viruses

    The original movie can be downloaded from the site via torrent. Preload the film on your computer or mobile phone depending on where you prefer to watch it.

    The website offers you a large collection of original movies ranging from timeless classics to the latest cinema releases. Films in English are marked with an "ENG" icon in brackets and the presence of subtitles (and in what language) is indicated.

    The best way to download films is via uTorrent, the application is advertising free. To download your /files you need:

    1. Download the torrent file;
    2. Click the file twice and wait for the torrent client to open;
    3. Select the proper directory to download the file.

    When downloading the torrent file make sure you also download the subtitles together with the movie file. For subtitles to play automatically you need to have the file in the same folder as the movie. Some players will enable subtitles manually by pressing the subtitle button.

    Go to the website


    Benefits Disadvantages
    - A collection of cartoons and short videos - Some movies cannot be viewed due to complaints from copyright holders

    The site provides genre movies, cartoons, movies for children and series in English. You can also find new subtitled cinematography in the Goldenglish catalogues.

    To download videos:

    1. Select a movie, series or cartoon from the site and click on it;
    2. Wait for the video to load after watching the announcement;
    3. Click the right mouse button near the player and click on "Save video as";
    4. The download will begin automatically.

    Most of the movies on this site are downloaded with Russian subtitles already built into the video.

    This site is not only suitable for downloading English movies you will find video tutorials to help you learn the language.

    Go to the site

    Disadvantages Disadvantages
    - There are series in HD quality in English - Only available online

    - outdated content

    The site provides the large collection of movies in original English, the only drawback of the service is the lack of possibility to download the video you like. At the same time the user can select the subtitles to watch the film in the original language he prefers.

    Another disadvantage of the service is that the English language version of the movies is available mainly for the past years, no new movies are presented in the category.

    Go to the site


    Benefits Disadvantages
    -verified quality film selections by genre - integration with Yandex services

    The Kinopoisk database contains around 100 films (as of the beginning of 2022), that can be seen in the original, most often in English. Inception, Avatar, Kill Bill, Blade, and other movie classics can all be set aside for future viewing.

    Kinopoisk, among other things, is handy for online viewing of new releases, classics, without downloading films to your phone or computer. There is also a mobile application with a handy player supporting subtitles.

    Note that KinoPoisk has quite a few other films with different audio tracks and subtitles. You may verify by clicking on the gear in the player when playing and selecting from the available language options.

    Films in their original language require an active subscriber status. The 60 days of online cinema will be available for free, so you have the possibility to watch movies without paying anything.


    Benefits Disadvantages
    - Convenient player and mobile application to watch - Relatively small selection of films in original language

    On ivi you find films in original language for free, with a test period of two weeks, but you cannot download them without a subscription. A subscription gives you full access to the content and allows you to get rid of ads.

    In the IVI Cinematheque you will find a selection of classics like "Home Alone", "Spider-Man", "Garfield" in their original language. The subtitle track, if available, can be switched via the embedded video player on the website.

    Note that English subtitles are not available for all movies in this collection. For this reason please carefully read the description and technical details about the subtitle track on this separate page.

    There are also user ratings and average ratings, which might be useful if you watch the film for the first time.

    Other sites

    Watch movies in original English you can also use some payable services. Some of the most popular ones include:

    Google Play Movies


    Tip . When downloading /files to your computer make sure that it is the video /files you want to download, without any third-party folders, documents or installation /files. It is also advisable to install antivirus software on your PC before downloading.

    Best movie download sites: //


    No answer to your question? Leave a comment and we will try to help!

    Where can I download the subtitles?

    The english-films website (see the list above) provides subtitles both in the original language and in a translation version. The format is mostly srt. However, the quality of the translations leaves much to be desired.

    Which of the above mentioned websites have educational films in English?

    It is recommended to go to youtube or a Google search, you can easily filter out good quality tutorials by the number of "likes". We also suggest you to make film selections for learning:

    • //
    • //

    Are there any Soviet films in English I want to recommend to my friends?

    Yes, go to the Russian films with foreign subtitles amateur community. There are about 20 masterpieces from the USSR and Russia in the Video section.

    In addition to that - another good selection. A dozen of Soviet era movies with subtitles and English translation.

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