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Where to download movies to your mobile phone: best sites (no registration required)


The variety of interesting films in 2021 is impressive. Of course, one wants to watch the best of the large-scale feature films, quality filmed big-budget TV series.

This selection includes the best mobile movie download sites for Android (phone, tablet) and iOS in MP4 and HD quality (720p, 1080p). Sites are safe and virus free.

Comfortable free movie sites allow you to not only download to your mobile, but also watch them online, through your browser, without downloading to your device, without torrent application. Most resources do not require registration - just find the link below the description and download.

List of the top online cinema sites (click on the link to read the description):

  • KinoPlay
  • Google Play
  • Ivi
  • kinosimka
  • androidkino
  • tabkino
  • hdmob
  • mp4v
  • mobifilms

The best sites to download movies in HD to your smartphone

KinoPlace: Movies in HD

KinoPoisk is a sectionally structured multimedia portal where you can watch movies online from your phone. At our web-site you can find both the latest releases of all genres and the most popular British, American and Russian series (Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Extant, etc.) from the first to the last season. New releases released on Blu-ray and DVD in Russia just recently were placed in a separate category. The site is regularly updated, so the content is always fresh and relevant. You can download movies for Android using this link.

From other features:

  • Any film comes with several voiceover options from different author studios.
  • Files can be downloaded to your phone/tablet in HDrip and mp4
  • For watching videos on your phone you need to install a browser with full HTML5 and JS support (Chrome, Firefox). Opera Mini to view movies online for Android will not work.

Download the Movie Search app

Google Play Movies - view movies legally in HD quality

Google Play Movies is a video library for Android, iOS and PC mobile devices. Conveniently, it allows you to download new releases and view them legally and in high quality (without an internet connection or online).

Google Play Movies allows you to watch movies online

With Google Play Movies you can purchase content for unlimited mobile viewing or rent - just as you used to rent videocassettes and DVDs. You can do it via virtually any device, whether it's a phone, tablet, PC browser, or laptop. Almost all modern devices work in HD quality. By the way, HD-format allows you to watch movies on your TV or projector without any loss of quality. All downloaded /files are added to your online library. From this repository you can download the desired video at any time. The library is easy to manage. Even if you deleted a movie and decided to watch it again, you can restore it back to the online repository for free and then download it to your mobile device via a link (no torrent).

In general, Google Play presents a great opportunity to legally watch mobile movies in good quality on your Android devices. Actually it is always better to download from official services - thankfully the subscription does not cost that much money.

Go to Google Play Movies

IVI: New Original Movies to Download to your Phone

A simple, ad-free resource with movies, TV series, cartoons. It has the latest movies available with the original voiceover. For those, who study English or another foreign language, IVI is a useful site. Besides the fact that the content presented here includes the latest hits from HBO, Sony Pictures, AMC and other film companies/channels, several subtitle options are available in English and Russian.

WARNING: Most media content requires a subscription!

All content is available for direct download in mp4 format in good quality to your smartphone. This feature has been implemented for those viewers who watch movies on the go. Accordingly, the movies can choose the bitrate quality and video resolution at your discretion. In descriptions to each film there is a description of translation: it is specified whether it is an amateur or professional translation.

Films are sorted by categories, (there are several tens of them), and presented in the sidebar. In addition to feature films and blockbusters, you can watch educational documentary mini-series and Discovery and BBC TV shows (Through the Wormhole, Planet Earth, Life Story).

To process and play content on a tablet, you also need a full browser that supports HTML5 markup. Once it's installed, online video viewing will also become possible on smartphones with low hardware specifications. Another huge plus is that there is no advertising at the start of the video. No need to register on the website, links are available below the description.

Download IVI App - Movie for Mobile with your browser

The presented /files are adapted to your portable device. The supported formats are mp4, avi and 3gp. No site registration required, links are available directly below.

Before you can enjoy your movies on your mobile device, you will need to download a torrent application (such as uTorrent). Additionally to the traditional search by genre and year of release, this service offers an "order desk" service as well as previews of new releases.

Basic information about the service:

  • Free access: yes.
  • Availability of download without registration: yes.
  • Search categories provided: by genre, by year, new releases, best.
  • File quality: various.
  • Supported media formats: mp4, avi and 3gp.

Multimedia portal

The site provides a collection of mobile multimedia content in different quality (mp4 and HD with different bitrates - from 720p and up).


Admins of every day post new episodes of beloved series and full-length blockbusters with high ratings. Films can be downloaded in BD-Rip (licensed format) as well as screen shots (for films in recent release).

See some other benefits of Tabkino service:

  • Easy navigation,
  • All content is free for playback,
  • Little advertising,
  • Direct links for mobile movie download (All content is stored in the "Cloud" and every download redirect to the mail server)

If there is one weak point it is the necessity to register on the site but this does not require you to provide any personal data, only the name of your mailbox. Anyway, is not a bad site to download video content to your phone with decent selection.

Movie download software

Site - movie download to your phone

The offered movie library is recorded in mp4 and 1080p resolution which is universal for most devices.

The search for movies can be done by genre, year, country, actors. Films are available in Russian and with English subtitles. You can download movies for your phone direct link, choosing a movie among the new releases, or enter the title in the search bar. Choose your preferred quality and select your preferred file extension.

Basic information about this service:

  • Full free access without registration: yes.
  • Films can be downloaded without torrent: yes.
  • Search categories: By Genre.
  • Quality: Not available for all /files.
  • Supported formats: mp4, selectable extensions.

Download on

Films for smartphone and series in good quality available from hdmob. Supported formats - mp4 and 3gp, there is an opportunity to preview the trailer, as well as to familiarize with the main characteristics before downloading. Searching is done by genres, channel rating, best new releases and Russian movies separately.

Basic information about the service:

  • Free access: yes.
  • Ability to download movies to your mobile: yes.
  • Submitted search categories: by genres, new releases, best, Russian movies.
  • Quality: Not specified for all /files.
  • Supported file formats: mp4, 1080p, 3gp.

Site - movies for phone for every taste

A convenient service, where you can immediately determine the approximate file size at the time of searching. The presented formats are the most common and are suitable for viewing on all modern mobile phones and tablets.

After registration you'll get free access to the /files via direct link and the possibility to visit the forum of users. The genre search is a little underdeveloped but there is an interesting possibility to choose and download movies on your smartphone by using the advanced search.

General information about the service:

  • Free access to the media library: yes.
  • Ability to download to the mobile: yes.
  • Search categories: by genres, new releases.
  • Quality: Not available for all /files.
  • Supported Format: mp4, 1080p. - Movies to your Phone in Full Quality (HD)

The site provides a large collection of serials in mp4 and 3gp format. You can download them via torrent absolutely for free. Film Library is constantly updated, for the convenience of the user search is carried out by major categories and the latest years of release. On the step of selection you can see the quality of the /files being played as well as general information about the film: duration, cast, producer and director.

Basic information about the service:

  • Free access: yes.
  • Subtitles in Russian: yes.
  • Possible to download mobile movies to Smartphone: yes.
  • Search categories: by genre, by year.
  • Quality: Not available for all /files.
  • Supported file formats: mp4, 3gp, 1080p.

Where else can you download movies to your phone in mp4 or mpeg formats

Depending on the performance of your mobile gadget, you should download movies to your smartphone in different formats. If your smartphone is not the most powerful or mid-range one, it is better to give preference to MP4 and AVI formats. If the first of these formats is perfectly optimized to work with smartphones and tablets, then the second one is universal for both PCs and Android-based devices. Files compressed in any of these formats will play perfectly on any level of smartphone, and even on some standard mobile devices.

Download movies on your phone in MP4, 1080p and 4K you can use some resources with direct download feature:

Ukrainians should definitely try mobile applet [not available for the moment] which includes full content catalog from one of the most specialized resources of Ukrainian-language segment of Here you can directly download documentaries, anime, TV shows, educational programs, trailers and more. In addition, if the speed of your network connection allows you, all the content can be viewed online.

If your device is equipped with a powerful 4 or 6-core latest generation ARM-processor, and you have a memory card with sufficiently large capacity or roomy internal storage, look closely at MKV (or, as it is also called, Matroska). Essentially, /files in MKV are uncompressed Full-HD, the single-file equivalent of a Blu-ray image. On a larger screen, videos in this format will appear with incredible clarity and a very high level of detail.

Films in MKV are unlikely to be downloaded directly, as the vast majority of native resources use cloud services for multimedia storage, and the /files available for storing them are limited. To download large /files from the network (as well as small video content in mp4), it is better to use a client for downloading content from the trackers. Although the ability to access many of them in Russia is increasingly questionable, at the moment it is the best repository of quality content distributed free of charge. It is quite possible that some alternatives to trackers will appear in the future, but for now we have what we have.

From the foreign sites where you can watch movies in streaming format, the most popular and constantly updated is Netflix. It's one of the best media portals out there: it's perfect for those who love watching movies with original voiceovers, with or without subtitles in Russian. To access these resources, you must complete a quick registration (goodness, it takes only seconds and is literally made in two clicks).

Resume . Downloading movies for Android and watching media online have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, some lags are possible while watching films but if the speed allows you, you will not even feel it. Moreover, on a phone with a small screen size, it becomes completely unnoticeable if the quality of the video leaves much to be desired. So it's up to you to decide which method you want to use.

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