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Where to watch online movies on your Android phone through your browser - top-2022


In the last selection we listed decent sites where you can download movies directly to your phone (in mp4 and HD quality). However, not all Android users will be satisfied with this option. First, it is not always possible to download films in hundreds of megabytes (no space on the phone or traffic), or out of principle: not everyone wants to download pirated content.

We can not say that online movie playback is a radical solution to the problem, but in fact, there are very decent media libraries that stream mobile movies online. And we will, of course, share the best of them.

Criteria for choosing online movie streaming and download services:

  1. No annoying ads
  2. High quality sound and picture
  3. Fast download
  4. Fast quality content (diversity)

Film sites to watch: - best movies online for your phone

    The hdrezka website has hundreds of movies, anime, cartoons, shows and of course mobile series in mp4 format. All without exception can be watched online from your mobile phone or tablet. On hdrezka, in the section with the same name, new releases appear regularly. In the announcements, through trailers, it is easy to find out what will soon be available on the site and in theaters.

    If you want to watch something on your phone but do not have a fancy or a list of films at the moment, you can turn to selections, say Netflix movies, series, etc.

    Playing at hdrezka is organized through a fairly convenient player (no Flash plug-in is required for playback, thankfully). However, to start watching, like everywhere else, you will have to look through a small advertising block.

    Before each film there are user comments, there is also a rating, quite objective, we should assume. You can also see the output data for the films, including their quality and translation options. You can also download movies online to your phone if you wish to watch them locally without an internet connection.

    Watch Android Movies Online - a comfortable online movie library

    "Movie World" is hardly one of the most comprehensive online movie libraries, however this site will be very convenient for users of Android tablets and small screen phones.

    As with other similar film libraries, you can browse movie information and watch the trailer from your phone - so you don't regret wasting your time later. A handy filter that allows you to indicate the rating (by users of the site or via Kinopoisk), genre, country and year of release.

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    The player does not cause any particular criticism: it has a bitrate setting and a choice of soundtrack. By the way, the movies are mostly in decent quality and in a format compatible with the majority of modern Android devices.

    At the same time there are no ads: you have to accept two advertising blocks - one at the beginning of the movie and one after scrolling the first screen.

    Go to the "Movie World" - licensed movies on smartphone

    If pirated content is not satisfying to you, pay attention to the website It is the largest mobile online cinema with licensed movies. Media content can be viewed legally for a small fee or through ads. There is a subscription option - very convenient if you watch movies online from your phone on a regular basis. Watching movies online without advertising is only possible if you pay a subscription to

    One of the main advantages of is probably the excellent quality of the majority of films and series. You can adjust the quality up to HD 1080p.

    In fact, there are other fat pluses too:

    • access to new movies first
    • no chance of being blocked or receiving complaints from copyright holders
    • the site holds the quality bar and is easy to navigate through mobile devices (there is a separate version of the site adapted to phone and tablet screens for this)

    Best Movies Online for Mobile


    Russian app for watching movies and serials. Here you can both watch movies online and download them to your device and watch them anywhere and at your convenience. You can watch movies for free, subscribe, rent them or buy them forever. You can keep track of new movie premieres and buy tickets to the nearest movie theater right in the app.

    Incoming to the app is only possible through a Yandex account. Then you have to confirm your phone number with an sms-code and enter your e-mail address.

    The interface is simple and straightforward and it is easy to use the app. The first time you log in you will often be offered a free trial subscription Plus.

    The Home Page offers four tabs: My Cinema, Shop, Purchase and Downloads.

    My Cinema - selections of films and TV series by genre, new releases, editorial recommendations, director and age. Each movie icon in the upper right corner shows its rating in numbers. Next, click on the movie you like and get information about it:

    • a brief description;
    • trailers and teasers;
    • ratings;
    • actors;
    • film crew;
    • reviews;
    • images;
    • lists;
    • materials to the film;
    • interesting facts;
    • awards;
    • date of release;
    • sixquels and prequels;
    • related and similar films.

    From this page you can start watching movies.

    In the Shop tab you can purchase films that are not available as subscriptions. Purchased films are displayed in the purchase tab.

    On mobile devices you can download films and watch without internet in the application. The download icon is located next to the movie button. The downloaded films are directed to the download tab.

    The Media page is informative. Here you can find out what is playing in the cinema today. Directly in the application you can see in which cinema the film is on and buy a ticket for the desired show. The page also offers information on digital releases, premiere schedules, new trailers and news from the world of cinema.

    Page Search - This is the filter for selecting films. There are not many criteria: genres, countries, years, rating. You can sort by rating, popularity and date. There's also a "hide watched" button.

    On page Profile you can see the data on the current subscription, create a child profile and all the actions done in the application. For your convenience, all movies marked in one way or another are arranged in folders: to watch, scores and reviews, expected movies, favorite movies, recommended movies, favorites, watch at the cinema, find in the Internet, buy on DVD and watch on TV.

    Application features:

    - access to 100 cable channels;

    - with a subscription bonus: access to Yandex.Music and 10GB Yandex.Disk;

    - different audio versions of movies can be selected to represent different tones.


    Serials can be watched only with additional subscription;

    - Not very convenient filter;

    - Novels have to be paid separately. - archive of best movies

    On // films are presented according to genres. Thrillers, horror movies, comedies and so on. In addition to feature films, there are documentaries as well as cartoons. The extensive library of films can be sorted by the country where the movie was created. Trailers are available for most films: no need to waste your mobile traffic, when you can view the most revealing parts of the film.

    Fans of TV series will find something to occupy them here. There are both fresh seasons and an archive of the best TV series - foreign and Russian. The year of release, genre, and translation quality are indicated. For multi-season movies, there is an option to select earlier or later seasons.

    Now about the convenience of online viewing. Kinogo is actually a good site to watch movies. True, they open via a flash player, which is obsolete. Accordingly, you'll need a browser with a plugin installed to display the content. Not that convenient: flash technology is considered outdated and is not supported by most modern browsers, both desktop and mobile by default.

    That said, Kinogo is quite recommendable for watching movies online on your phone or tablet.

    Watch TV series at kinogo - the best TV channels is a unique online project launched by CTC Media jointly with National Media Group. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that in its essence it combines a very convenient, simple online movie theater, designed for watching movies and TV series, and online television, broadcasting the best entertainment, sports and science programs, as well as its own products, launched under the name More Originals. With a large catalogue of movies, TV series and TV programs, the site will be of interest both to those who like to watch TV series and movies online on their smartphones and to those who want to watch their favorite TV program. An important feature of this video service is that user can watch all broadcasted content without any advertising.

      Features and functions:

      • A large choice of films and series including new releases;
      • Projects, shows and series produced by the project;
      • World and Russian TV series;
      • Players to watch various sport events;
      • Pay channels.

      Go to and enjoy the features of this video hosting service by simply clicking on this link.

      How to watch films and series on

      To view the video content present on this service the user should:

      • select the film or series you are interested in;
      • click on the series title and go to the player;
      • launch the player and expand it to full screen on your phone.

      Benefits and disadvantages: has the following advantages:

      • Big choice of series, movies and TV programmes;
      • Access to watch the exclusive video content created by
      • Watch some movies and TV series for free.

      The disadvantages of the resource include:

      • the necessity to receive a paid subscription to access all the products offered. - video content from "VKontakte" is a Russian aggregator of video content which, according to the creators and owners, is one of the largest legal series and film databases in Russia. The project offers its users a wide range of possibilities, from watching films and serials to reading interesting news and materials related to the film industry. Aggregator has very simple and at the same time easy-to-use interface, and also allows its users to create certain selections of movies and serials according to their interests. An important feature of this aggregator is that its official partners are many Russian online movie theaters.

      Fundamental features and functions:

      • huge selection of movies and series;
      • an option to discover useful news;
      • setup of notifications when new episodes of favorite series are released;
      • function for free movie watching that allows paying subscriptions to other online movie theaters;
      • comfortable and easy video player that allows watching movies even with little traffic.

      Go to by simply clicking on this link.

      How do I watch movies and TV series on

      For the user to watch series and films on this site from his phone do the following steps:

      • find the film or series;
      • Go to the page of interest;
      • Launch the video player located on the page;
      • Display the film or series in full screen.

      Benefits and drawbacks:

      The advantages of the project include:

      • Large number of legal series and movies;
      • Ability to set alerts when new episodes are released;
      • Availability of news and other useful information for film lovers.

      With regard to disadvantages, it is worth mentioning:

      • the presence of paid content available for viewing only with a subscription;
      • the service design is outdated. - subscription video service

      Start is a Russian video service that offers its clients to plunge into the colourful and magical world of world cinema and serials. "Start" offers its users a wide variety of movies and TV series, and is the first online resource to start producing its own video content in the form of TV series. This movie watching site offers its clients a single access to video content that can be watched in Full HD 1080. An important feature of the project is that it offers parents to create a secure profile for their child with which only positive children's content is available for young viewers.

      Features and features:

      • access to films and serials with a single subscription;
      • a large selection of films and serials;
      • the possibility to create a special profile for a child;
      • presence of own projects such as "The Storm" or "The Soderberries".

      Connect with the video service "Start" by clicking on this link.

      How to watch TV series on

      Watch movies and series on this video service requires the user to:

      • Have a paid subscription;
      • Choose the film or series of interest;
      • Click the title or promotional poster;
      • Turn on the video player full screen on your phone.

      Benefits and drawbacks:

      The advantages of Start video service include:

      • A large selection of movies and TV series;
      • The possibility to watch video content in high quality;
      • Availability of own projects.

      The main drawbacks of Start are:

      • paid subscription that has a rather high cost;
      • the necessity to renew monthly the paid subscription.

      Wink is a convenient Russian video service

      Wink is a video service that would be of interest to those users looking for free online movie theater. Unlike most other services of this kind, Wink has a whole section where you can watch free movies. In addition to movies and TV series, users of this video service on a paid subscription are also available online television with a large number of programs and television projects. An important feature of Wink is also the large children's content section as well as audio books presented by professional actors;

    • Broadcast TV programmes;
    • Base with children's content;
    • A large number of audio books narrated by professional actors.
    • You can access Wink through this link.

      How to watch films and series on Wink?

      In order to watch films and serials on your smartphone you will need to:

      • select the film or series you like;
      • click on the poster or the title;
      • launch the online player and expand it to full screen.

      Benefits and drawbacks:

      The main advantages of the service are:

      • The possibility to watch films but also to listen to audio books;
      • a modern site with high level of functionality;
      • availability of free video content.

      The disadvantages of Wink are:

      • Most films and serials available for a paid subscription;
      • Necessary to register on the site.

      Baskino - any genre to choose from

      Baskino is a portal with a wide choice of movies of different genres, among them comedies, horror, action, thrillers. In addition, the catalog contains series of Russian and foreign productions. Downloading films to your smartphone is not possible, only watch online.

      Player in principle convenient, the feature set is minimal, but the most necessary are present. Users can change the quality and there is a lot of content in HD. Subtitles are available. However, not for all movies. The same goes for the choice of audio tracks.

      Watch movies online

      AndroidFilm - Entertainment Movies online

      AndroidFilm is a site with a collection of entertainment movies in different genres. There are no serials in the catalog.

      Content can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet in mp4 format. True, you have to go to a third party site and wait a while before downloading, or you can buy premium access for one to 180 days.

      It is also possible to watch films online. It is better to give preference to this function. The player is simple and easy to use. The movie theater offers movies in the following quality: 360p, 480p and 720p (HD). It can be changed independently. No subtitles, no audio /files.

      Go to AndroidFilm - Watch on your phone is an online cinema offering a rather modest selection of feature-length movies and series in different genres. Users don't have an opportunity to download films that they are interested in - they can only watch them online. The player is equipped with a minimum number of the most necessary functions. An important point: my Android-smartphone doesn't play movies. The site reported that the file was not found. At the same time, there were no problems with playback on a computer. The quality cannot be changed, and it often leaves much to be desired - it is hardly HD. Viewers cannot choose an audio track, there are no subtitles.

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