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Which is the best gps navigator in Europe?


Going on a journey or a long car trip around the European continent, don't forget to take a navigator with maps with you. In this review we recommend several excellent mobile phone applications to help you navigate the roads in Europe.

Contents :

  1. Navitel Navigator
  3. Google Maps

Navitel Navigator

The Navitel navigation line is well equipped for Russian and European realities but there are some details worth mentioning. If you take version 5.5, which came out a few years ago, you can see that the maps of Europe for Navitel are slowly drawn, traffic jams are not taken into account. There were a lot of other bugs. Now the developers have corrected the situation by introducing OpenGL technology. We obtain a 3D mode, faster rendering, new settings of your gadget sensitivity to traffic jams. Now, in front of us, quite good navigator for Europe, and here is why:

  • maps can be rented (it provides significant savings in comparison with the purchase);
  • free updates available;
  • support of the OS starting from Android 1.6;
  • manually zoom;
  • decent battery capacity;
  • support for European countries (the detail is impressive).

Offline navigation of the gadget is in some objective parameters ahead of the online resources. The offline maps of Europe are so elaborate, that the gadget produces a picture even in the steppe. It is possible to construct a route, without waiting for the download of maps. The cost of models, ranging from A735, ranging in the range 8000-10000 rubles. But it is more profitable to make a short-term subscription to the maps. Several disadvantages:

  • Undue detailing leads to map cluttering;
  • lack of universal search;
  • the altitude ratio of the buildings in the 3D-mode does not always correspond to reality;
  • when scrolling the map continuously returns to the observer's location.

Download Navitel Navigator

Maps me

There is such a free geographical map called OpenStreetMap - it is the basis for the free navigator Maps me. "Free" is the key word, it is the main advantage of this application. In 2014, the application was bought by Group. We should note right away that this application doesn't need the Internet at all - the maps are loaded into the memory before the start of the trip. It is probably the most democratic navigator in Europe without the Internet, which is characterized by a high degree of reliability. There are free and advanced versions of the application.

Detail maps, especially European, is quite high. In large cities, shops, gas stations and cafes with restaurants are highlighted, in villages - unpaved roads. All the data is stored in the memory of the mobile device. However, the loading of all 345 countries is a painful and painful action. Therefore, clever developers have provided a manual download with a search by region. We recommend that you prepare for your trip in advance, as long as you have Wi-Fi at your fingertips. Additional advantages of the navigator:

  • compression technology (provides high speed of changing locations);
  • offline search system (addresses, coordinates, categories, company names);
  • bookmarks (you may save your favorite locations);
  • Import/export support for bookmarks;
  • routing in offline mode;
  • cute design.

There are no unnecessary functions in this application; everything is laconic and simple. In two clicks you can find any gas station or hotel, in one click you can adjust the scalability. The functionality of the app allows you to book accommodation at, send your friends SMS with your coordinates and even recognize the slope of the mountain on cycling routes. All maps are downloaded completely free of charge. The only downside is that the navigator does not take into account traffic accidents and traffic jams in cities. In offline mode, this is an expected drawback.

Download Maps me

Google Maps

This is probably the oldest navigator for Europe currently available. The application is absolutely free to download, and you don't have to pay any money for the maps. With Google Maps you'll find information for more than 220 countries, as well as information about lines of traffic, traffic levels, sights, bars and restaurants. Navigation is fast and public transport can be monitored online.

You can not only see the exterior of objects (restaurants, hotels, museums), but also evaluate the interiors. It is possible to download offline maps and do without Internet completely. According to user reviews, a very good navigator - Europe opens like in the palm of your hand. Its main advantages are:

  • Manual rotation of locations;
  • Map tilting function;
  • 3D mode;
  • Voice control option;
  • Night mode.

The maps are updated in online mode and have a high level of detail. However, if compared with Maps me, the locations take up more space in the smartphone memory and unfolds more slowly. But the interface is practical and beautiful. The image is not overloaded with details, which is an advantage over Navitel. Scrolling does not lead to an accumulation of icons. In 3D, the height of buildings is displayed correctly, there are full 3D models. An ascetic menu will appeal to fans of minimalism.

All in all, Google Maps is designed to quickly lay convenient routes - and with this task the navigator copes perfectly. The search engine offers you different routing options depending on the way you travel. That is, for a pedestrian and a motorist, the recommendations will be different. All maps for offline mode are free to download and weigh about 100-500 MB.

Russianized locations are available, but some of the descriptions are missing. In recent years Google Maps has become a powerful competitor in the face of Navitel. Both developers are continuously improving the Android versions of their navigators.

Download Google Maps

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